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Dr. Daniel Bettiol

Dr. Daniel Bettiol

The 7 Essentials to Health

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The BEST Formula For Weight Loss (and Longevity) -- EAST LESS


This is not meant to be a joke. Philosophers the world over have preached this simple dieting procedure for 1,000's of years. It was the cornerstone to Hippocrates teachings on Health. Mahatma Gandhi practiced it for the majority of his life.

However, in these modern, high technology times, EAT LESS is too simple. We need a more complicated, high-tech protocol to practice this ancient wisdom. And now we have it----It's called Caloric Restriction with Adequate Nutrition (CRAN). The adequate nutrition refers to foods which offer maximum vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other vital nutrients without the added caloric baggage of junk food.

The theory that if one eats less, they will live longer has been studied by scientists since the 1930's. Animal studies over the past eight decades have shown that a very low-calorie diet can almost double the maximum life span of laboratory rats. Calorie restricted animals also have been shown to be more youthful in appearance, mentally quicker and younger physiologically than normally fed animals. This experiment has been repeated on hundreds of diverse species of animals, including more than 200 different mammals---with similar results.

But these experiments have been conducted in short-lived species where results can be obtained within months. The big question has been whether calorie restriction can have the same benefits for humans. Scientists are now studying the effects of CRAN on one of human's close relatives---monkeys. There has been evidence of the same age-retarding effects, but it's too soon to know if the monkeys will live longer.

Inadvertent CRAN experimentation on humans occurred in the Biosphere II study in Oracle, AZ. The Biosphere was an experimental, self-contained environment which was occupied by eight scientists from 1991-1994. It was discovered early that the food available for the scientists was less than anticipated, although it was nutritionally adequate.

In the first six months, and on 1,800 calorie daily eating regimen, the Biosphere scientists showed an average 15% weight loss, 18% lower blood glucose, 35% lower blood cholesterol and a lower blood pressure (18% less in Systolic; 21% less Diastolic). Although cholesterol and blood pressure are not biomarkers of maximum life span, they are biomarkers in relation to average age of death.

The World Health Organization estimates that a 143-pound Male requires 2,700 calories per day to maintain weight while a 121-pound Woman requires 2,100 calories. CRAN diets vary from 1,600 - 2,000 calories, depending upon sex and weight.

The most thorough experiments on the life-extending effects of CRAN are documented in the book The Retardation of Aging and Disease by Roy Walford, M.D. and Richard Weindruch. Walford's two other books, Beyond the 120 Year Diet and The Anti-Aging Plan explain both theory and practice for adults desiring the health and life span benefits of CRAN.

Please remember, these are not starvation diets which have been popularized by the Diet Scam industry for decades. This is based on a LOWER CALORIE INTAKE of highly nutritious foods. I recommend all three books as excellent additions to your health library. I especially recommend the last two books (by Walford) as you make plans for New Year's Resolutions…

Bon apetit'.

Dr. Danny Bettiol

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