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Dr. Louise Mallory-Elliott

The Perils and Pleasures of the Millennium Energies

Since I have worked with people all my life, I have an expanded set of data. I have known not only my own struggles, but those of a large number of people. This is what I currently observe:

People who used to have moments of anxiety can now experience strong apprehension, and even panic attacks. People who never had trouble sleeping now have insomnia. Lonely people are so lonely that they feel desperate. Co-dependent relationships have become so dysfunctional that at least one partner wants relief, but cannot leave. Successful workplaces are living an inhuman pace. Depressed people? Well, you can imagine their struggle. Some people are almost experiencing a second, formerly subconscious negative personality force that drags back on every small success they might attempt, a seeming self-against-self. But I also observe that happy people are happier than ever, and new and amazing levels of success are available to some of us. Cures for cancer and remedies for pollution are just around the corner. Is it the best of times, or the worst of times? Thatís going to depend on how you manage your mind, your emotions, and your soul energies.

The secret of todayís times is the intense energy field in which the earth now exists. While scientists would describe photon belts and quasars, it is more natural to me to describe new and intense spiritual energy fields in which our planet now exists. Itís the same thing. Spiritual means simply non-physical, just as your thoughts and emotions are not solid and dense, but quite real. Thoughts control emotions; emotions control the etheric body, and the etheric body of life energies control the dense physical body. What can control thoughts? The energies of the spiritual bodies, the soul, oversoul, and Christ Self.

I have watched as an unhappy woman made full contact with her Light Body or Christ Self. She fell into silence in a kind of apparent bliss and balanced well-being, sweetly smiling, lost in time (or above time). What was the practical outcome of fully encountering a new level of being, or focus of consciousness within herself? She had the natural courage, for the first time, to do what was good for her. She moved out of her apartment, buying a home. She changed jobs within the month, arranging to work at home. She released old problems with relating to men in the workplace. She had learned to work from a higher level downward in balancing and perfecting her life. As she continued her prayers, meditations, and spiritual self-disciplines, the true power of her higher self told hold of her life, navigating change effortlessly. Watching a person enter the presence of their higher spiritual self is much like watching a physical birth. Awe and wonder abound.

The bottom line is this: energies have intensified on this planet. Itís all about what energies you allow to flow through you, which ones you choose to maintain with the power of your mind and will, within your physical/emotional/mental system. If you allow any of your old negativities in your mind, they will have more potent results. Any positive energies you maintain will also have more potent results than before. The stakes have gone up. You will observe some people riding on a joy ride in daily life, while others experience the pits of abject misery. Itís all about choice now, what energies you choose to allow in your system, and the self-discipline of monitoring them effectively. Itís about reaching your higher spiritual self when you need guidance, wisdom, relief, healing, or power.

Biological evolution gave us the human being, the summit of the animal kingdom, a species where only the fittest survived, with cunning intelligence to outdo the brothers and sisters, and the lack of caring to take the lionís share for oneís self, ignoring the welfare of the planetary being. Now creative evolution emerges. The demand of our times is to reach the fittest portion of the human being, the spiritual consciousness, which cares about others, the planet, truth, justice, freedom, and balanced, harmonious well-being. The planet has changed, and the stakes are higher than before. What used to be a negative thought can now become a headache. What used to be generalized anxiety is now panic or insomnia. What once was an unhappy feeling is now continuing depression. People who never were aware of energies are now lost in them, lacking understanding of what is happening to them We are being pressed into our higher selves. Evolution is now becoming survival of the spiritually fittest. Without caring, cooperation, thoughtfulness, peace, and positive momentum, you cannot continue developing here. The only sane solution is to learn what you really are, cooperate fully, and enjoy the benefits of the ride. An amazing probable future is directly ahead for anyone who will choose it. The old karma has been released. What matters now is what you are thinking and feeling RIGHT NOW; it is creating your tomorrow. What matters is reaching the peace and possibility of your higher self. Know that your struggles are meaningful. They are pressing you to become a powerful spiritual being on a planet of peace.

Dr. Louise Mallory-Elliott can be contacted at Spiritual Solutions, (615) 792-4790

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