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Is it time for something new??

In October of this year, a group of thirty-three people traveled to the main vortex of the Bermuda Triangle; there they were able to open a new portal to the Christ Consciousness, or Light Mind. Their trip was authored and blessed by highly effective spiritual beings on this earth, and the overall effort was successful. New spiritual frequencies were released on the planet. Every soul on earth was affected, but not all effects were pleasant. Each nation, group, and individual began to experience something that generally surprised him or her. There was a potent return of old problematic negativities and behaviors that had long since been forgotten, or an intensification of current difficulties. There is no person on earth who has not been affected in some manner in the last several weeks.

Internationally, factions in the Near East began killing each other again. The Republicans and Democrats began battling in a fashion not present for a hundred years. Individuals have called me, a spiritual counselor and mentor, in intense distress. Others have reported flashes of anger, old addictive behaviors, pains, and depressions that were suddenly present again without warning. In truth, the entire emotional body of the earth is highly unstable at this point, and so is any individual who does not possess the skills and the energy to rebalance and heal him or herself immediately, restoring peace and balance on a daily basis.

Light, or spiritual energy, drives out all darkness, but as its healing effect proceeds, all negativities come to the surface of consciousness. Every person on earth has experienced a resurgence of his personal demons, her ego frailties, his unfinished growth tasks. The entire emotional body of the earth is highly unstable at this time, and will remain so through January. At that time, those who are actively practicing self mastery, spiritual disciplines, and healing and peace will feel accelerated relief.

Even if you have recently said, ďI havenít done that in years,Ē or ďI am in so much pain I canít walk,Ē or ďI havenít felt this depressed in a long time,Ē try to see the benefit that is possible. KNOW that the true cause lies in a hidden goodness. Welcome the opportunity to make higher choices this time, and release old negativities forever, becoming a clearer vehicle for wisdom and love. See the great positive momentum that is taking place in politics, as acute scrutiny is given to every facet of our governmental process. Surely there is no American who still feels ďthat his vote does not count.Ē Can you not see the great benefits of this crisis/opportunity? Realize that a sane balance must be found between the past, laws, and rules, and current needs and opportunities. This is true for individuals as well as political parties. Release a sense of rigidity about old behaviors and customs. Ask yourself what is needed now, and what are the most blessed outcomes for all concerned, in personal life, family life, and national and international life. What is fair for all concerned? How can we go on from here most quickly? The future is ours to determine. Fortunately, there is NOTHING that we cannot change for the better, if we donít lose heart and become depressed victims of our own negative thoughts and feelings, and prejudices and resentments.

May heaven itself help all those who lack an arsenal of techniques to reverse their personal negativities and difficulties on a daily basis. I personally know people at this hour who cannot let go of grief following the death of pets or family members, and are living in sheer grieving hell. I hear from those who cannot let go of mates who are destroying their well being. I see the anger in the eyes of those who are hurting ,and still blame other people for their pain. I am watching everyone go around in his dance with life one more circle, and I am holding the Light for everyone. I KNOW it will all come to a good end. I just donít know how long these dear people will insist on putting themselves through horrible suffering.

If you have never been taught the understanding that explains all of human consciousness, take the time to learn. Gift yourself for Christmas; learn the techniques that overcome human suffering, and practice faithfully. Give yourself or others the gift that cannot be taken away: how to reach peace no matter what is happening around you. Learn the mental understanding that softens the pain; practice different states of consciousness until you can maintain and live through the positive thoughts and feelings that are your heritage. Join the wave of the future, those who find life vibrant, fulfilling, and creative; prepare for longevity and immortality. Learn to restore energy with your mind, and release anger effectively; learn the peace that comes when you cease all judgment of others (including political parties)! Find your independence, and let go of unhealthy relationships or jobs. Itís your future; only you can make the choices that will make you happy and fulfilled tomorrow, by the right use of energy or consciousness right now, in the sanctity of your own mind and soul. The lessons wonít quit coming until you are finished with the them; there is a door to freedom, but only you can open it. And may you be blessed, whatever you decide to do. Iíll meet you one day where rainbows touch down, no matter what path you take. Your future canít be taken from you; only your suffering can.

Dr. Louise Mallory-Elliott can be contacted at Spiritual Solutions, (615) 792-4790

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