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Dr. Louise Mallory-Elliott

What It’s Going To Take To Get Through This Stretch

As a spiritual mentor, a clinical counselor, and a human being who cares, I can tell you what it is going to take to move successfully through this particularly potent time in our common evolution on our beautiful blue-green planet. I say this in love, with wisdom, and with fierce dedication to our mutual well-being as we move into the higher frequencies.

You must be one hundred percent committed to life. All energies are either life-giving, or death-invoking. Any negative thought, feeling, action, or attitude is a form of death, and pulls you toward dying, first existentially, and finally, physically. In the final analysis, God is life. If you do not fully intend to live and prosper, you are creating your own death. You are failing to respect the God of your choice and his creation, our mutual co-creation.

You must make yourself positive at all times, whether there is any rational reason to be positive and optimistic or not. I can assure you that there is every hope for our planet, the human race, and your life in particular. There are possibilities for all of us that have not been here for decades. This is a maximal hour for personal and planetary expansion, but only we can make that choice through pure self mastery of all negative conditions.

You must be willing to detach completely from the past, and let go of every remembrance of the past. Surely none of us wants to re-create the past, but move forward to a future of our own choosing—and let us choose the most miraculous, amazing future for ourselves, since we are condemned to choose. Practically speaking, you must forgive everyone and everything that has ever happened among us, in all our common history. You must come to perfect peace with everything that has ever happened to you, and to all of us, holding no resentments, angers, regrets, or grief. You must detach from concentrating on time (such as, it has been two years since I battled cancer and survived, or my son died). You must live only in the NOW, the ultimate for creation of the future you desire.

You must accept that your conscious awareness, your subconscious complexes, or your higher soul has created everything you have experienced. Nothing has been done to you without the free will consent of some portion of your being, whether you were aware of how you were drawing some events into your life or not. You must refuse the notion of being a victim totally, and realize that every condition in your life is a reflection of your own consciousness, your own power to create in matter. No one is responsible for what has happened to you but you. If you don’t understand your life or yourself, seek new information, counseling, or advice. Immediately.

You must master your human nature. You must release every negative emotion and substitute a positive emotion for it. You must release every negative thought, and substitute a positive thought. You must quit relying on other people to control your emotions for you by doing what you want them to do; this is co-dependency. You must be able to make yourself happy by yourself, for yourself, and within yourself, no matter how you are treated by others. You must release relationships that are not fulfilling or damaging to your overall well-being. You must train yourself to be optimistic by refusing to be pessimistic about any condition in your life or our lives. You must see the possibility in all conditions, and patiently work toward their betterment.

You must cease judging other people, and gossiping about other people’s lives. You must believe in the path everyone is taking, whether it agrees with your own or not. . In this manner, you empower them upon their path, not pull yourself off your own by falling into negativity about them. You do not have the wisdom to know how other people should craft their lives, and how they are learning what their souls need to know. Let yourself feel nothing toward others but loving kindness, loving peace, unconditional love, or visualizations of Light surrounding them.

You must believe in yourself and respect yourself as you have never done before. You must know that all prior actions have been forgiven, and you can pick yourself up and begin again, no matter what mistakes you have made. You must resurrect yourself from any condition by believing in the miraculous possibilities now available to human beings, and KNOW that you are worthy to have every gift that life can offer. Yes, I mean YOU.

You must struggle with yourself until you know what you really want, and then train your mind to attract it. You must answer the question, “Why am I here? What do I want to create in my life next?” You must learn the techniques of co-creation, and discipline yourself to use them effectively.

During the next two years, we face a critical period during which we can set amazing potentials for our lives into place, no matter what our age or history, or fall into an abyss of darkness, misery, suffering, and self-destruction. It’s just a choice, a choice that will be governed by a will of steel and a heart full of peaceful loving, or a careless humanness that is unmotivated, confused, uncaring, self-pitying, self-excusing, or helplessly lacking in self respect. Decide. Every moment counts. Everything thought and feeling you allow to continue in yourself counts. Will yourself to feel joy at all times. Control yourself to expect wonderful things to happen daily. Overlook everything else. Let nothing deter your determination to live well and joyfully.

You must know that you are NEVER alone. Whether you can perceive them or not, hoards of beings are watching over every one of us, guiding and teaching, helping and healing. When you cannot make it on your own, ASK for help. The saddest thing of all is a human being who honestly needs help, and refuses to ask. If you continue doing this, you will finally cause yourself to break upon the hardships of life, so that you can learn that help is available, you are cared about, and worthy of receiving.

When we all conduct ourselves properly and master our negativities, our world will change. Our lives will change. Our future will be amazing. It is my hope that you will move with us to create the future that will bless your life, our planet, and our world society with a goodness and well-being that we have never yet experienced. Cease anger, prejudice, resentment, and self-loathing. These are the chains that bind. Help us set our world free. No one else can contribute what your life is meant to offer.

Dr. Louise Mallory-Elliott can be contacted at Spiritual Solutions, (615) 792-4790

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