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Dr. Louise Mallory-Elliott

The Opportunity of This Lifetime

When I was five, I knew only that I was powerless to end the intense suffering that surrounded me in my daily family life.
When I was fifteen, I knew only that I longed for love.
When I was twenty-five, I burned to find the answers to the riddle of life and death, the endless conundrum of meanings and concepts with no final truth.
When I was thirty-five, I learned the difference between transient human love and the eternal majesty of the soul.
When I was forty-five, I struggled to become as powerful in outer reality as in inner awareness.
When I turned fifty-five recently, I understood my soul destiny, what I had been trying to accomplish all my life, and how to work with The User-Friendly Universe to fulfill my part of the Cosmic Plan.

It is not necessary now for anyone to suffer that long, struggle that hard, or survive such agonizing cycles of total defeat and victory.

The day has come on this planet when we can be free, free of sin, disease, and death;

Free of karma, history, and limitation; free of the war of the sexes and the compulsion to be loved by mere mortals.

The Light of the Christ has returned.

History is a figment of the human imagination, an ego insistence that what physically happened is more *real* than any other act of mind.

What is left of the past? Only a mental/emotional memory, a chemical reaction in the brain, perhaps with a physical residue of what we together manifested on the physical plane in those days.

The point of power is in the present;, not in ego awareness of the body and this lifetime, but of the soul awareness of all lifetimes, integrated with the Light Body, Christ Self, or Higher Power.

For any human being who is willing to choose it, to concentrate in the higher energy bodies and remain connected to the Universal Whole, to ask for and receive spiritual guidance and aid, and to maintain spiritual self-control, the self-created day of resurrection is NOW.

The Christ Self will be woven around you, not only by your own arduous efforts as before, but by those more knowledgeable and powerful than yourself, as a gift of grace or reward for our communal efforts toward peace, love, and empowerment. Spirit will be integrated with biology, half human, half Divine, capable of rapid personal and planetary change. It is happening right now for those who are ready, who calm all emotions with unconditional Divine Love, who insist on action, opportunity, optimism, and solution, who let no agency, human or otherwise, displace the power inherent in the human soul.

We are the gods; we came here by choice in the Grand Experiment, to uplift this planet to a higher vibrational frequency by uplifting ourselves, to prove that caring thoughtfulness or selfless love will win out in the end, even when dominated by thousands of years of biological evolution, the instinct to survival of the fittest, and the all-ensnaring seduction of the selfish ego, either in pride or self-defeat.

Biological evolution now becomes Creative Evolution, as soul-governed individuals set in motion a planetary future dominated by free choice; duality ends; the Light dissolves the darkness.

Despite its glory, this molecular conversion to the Light Self is not yet easy. It is challenging to a maximally taxing tension of soul strain. THEN it becomes easy, obvious, and playfully creative. If the weariness, confusion, co-dependency, or imbalance is too taxing, come to me. I have the power. The Love endures in me. Hosts of beings from the Other Side work in and around me for you. That is the meaning of my life: to overcome the hardships, so that it may be easier for you. I know that I AM the Cosmic Christ. So are you, when you step across the last barrier, lock the Trust into your heart, reach out for our spiritual elders, broaden your wisdom, and integrate your ego, soul, and Christ Self. Come to me, without fear or reservation. Only resurrection and ascension await.

It is time now for the Final Gift; the old prophecies are dead, offset and gone. The karma of all lifetimes can quickly be erased. You can overcome. Lightworkers will do it together. The only question that remains is whether you will join us, as we birth together THE PLANET OF PEACE, COOPERATION, UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD, AND CREATIVE CHOICE.

Two days ago I stared at a snake; he rattled, to let me know of his needs. I connected in love with the deva of snakes, and asked for a solution harmless to all of life. In two minutes the snake strolled off into the woods. Five days ago a woman in continual mental anguish called to tell me that she felt the deep peace I projected to her heart all day long. These are the daily miracles that are ours to claim. The Christ has returned, not for one man, but for all who are prepared and willing to receive it. The process comes down to self mastery. The reward for the struggles is worth every tear you have ever cried, every fatigue, nervousness or confusion. Life does come out all right in the end. How long it will take you is now your choice. Right thought, right action, right emotion; these are the keys to eternity.

Dr. Louise Mallory-Elliott can be contacted at Spiritual Solutions, (615) 792-4790

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