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Einstein Body Slant® / Newton Body Slant®

Do you or anyone you know have any of these problems?
  • Censured Circulation
  • Scanty Scalp
  • Ebbing Eyelids
  • Jelly Jowls
  • Sinking Spirit
  • Chiseled Chest
  • Dipping Discs
  • Beligerent Belly
  • Collapsed Colon
  • Prolapsed Prostrate
  • Kunckling Knees
  • Shocking Shins
  • Aching Ankles
  • Plummeting Posture
  • Heavy Head
  • Nagging Neck
  • Shifted Shoulders
  • Breaking Back
  • Sagging Skin
  • Baggy Bust
  • Listless Limbs
  • Hostile Hips
  • Falling Fanny
  • Thick Thighs
  • Buckling Bones
  • Varicose Veins
  • Agonizing Arches
  • Stumbling Steps

Do you want to feel Rested, Refreshed, and Rejuvenated?

Just 10 minutes on this comfortable inversion cushion can reverse gravityís pull and stimulate all body processes.

The body slant will give you a younger and more healthy feeling than you can imagine.

Heightened posture, improved breathing and circulation, more vitality and better health can be yours with very little effort.

According to the tenets of an ancient practice known as yoga, the body can be revitalized best through a position called the "headstand." This process reverses the flow of gravity in the human body, and permits an increase of circulation in the bloodstream to critical areas such as the brain, eyes, ears, face, gums, scalps, etc; It also uplifts sagging organs in the chest and abdominal region; aids in correcting sway backs, varicose veins, swollen ankles, fallen arches, compacted spinal columns, and the like. The reversal of gravity removes the stress upon the hips and legs.

For most people, however, the headstand is too drastic and uncomfortable. A modified version of the headstand has been developed. It, also, reverses the flow of gravity in a more comfortable manner. We called it the "Slant Board," and it consists of an inclined plane on which the body lies, head downward, in order to increase the circulation as described above.

When it comes to keeping up our health and beauty, we seldom think of Gravity and its powerful influence over our mental and physical well-being in our earth-bound lives. Yet, the effects of Gravity's constant downward pull on our faces, necks, shoulders, chest, back, organs, hips, legs and feet are painfully obvious to most of us.

For instance, its not old age that makes us shrink on this planet. It's Gravity! The same universal force that causes our bodies to get out of shape in the first place.

The weight and strain of gravity could take its toll in the form of compressed lungs and limited breathing capacity, decreased circulation to our brain, stooped posture and all-around aches, pains and maladies.

And excercising, to shape-up our bodies, can actually compound the situation. For the more we run, the more we jump, and the more we lift, the more down-to-earth our bodies become - thanks to Gravity.

And the weight of one's body on impact with the ground from walking is over twice that as when one is standing still. But no matter where we go on this planet, we can never get away from Gravity. It is always underfoot.

Gravity never lightens up! Nor does it discriminate. Young or old, rich or poor, fit or unfit, we are all (at every moment) equally hard-pressed not to be brought to our knees (and even fall prostrated) before this well entrenched landlord of the underworld.

If Gravity can prevent water from flowing upward, it can also prevent the blood in our bodies from flowing upward freely (above our hearts) and into our heads -whenever we sit, stand and sleep with our heads on top of pillows.

And poor blood circulation up to our eyes, ears, gums, faces, scalps and brains is a good reason why these, our most precious faculties, deteriorate first during our earthy existence.

For most of us, simply sitting and standing can be a never-ending uphill battle against Gravity. And, whether we realize it or not, the longer we maintain these positions, the more of our human energy is drained by Gravity.

The heavy hand of Gravity also takes its toil on our internal organs. It compresses our lungs and limits breathing capacity; it prolapses our colons and slows metabolism and elimination. And the colon's descent on our sex organs is a major downer.

Scientifically speaking-if the oceans and their tides are moved by Gravity - so too are our bodies, and their fluids, moved by Gravity .

Gravity makes the ground rules! It's the law of this land! And we're all stuck to the planet because of it. In short, no upright person escapes its endless downsizing of the human body.

Bottomline: Every aspect of our well-grounded existence is undermined by Gravity. We must reverse this!!

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"The simplest way I have found to relax my body is when I am in the BodySlant position." --- GAYLORD HAUSER

"My body thanks me every time I use my BodySlant. Itís the ideal way to balance gravityís pull" --- DR. PAAVO AIROLA

"My BodySlant is the most ingenious invention for helping me to maintain Vibrant Health. --- DR. N.W. WALKER

"The BodySlant is an integral part of my everyday health, fitness and beauty practices." --- DR. SUSAN SMITH JONES


NEWTON MODEL (3 Sections)- shown above, right (73 inches long)
Available in same colors as Einstein (Einstein is 78"long,5 sections)


"Gravity is nature. And with my wonderful BodySlant, my body is always in tune with nature. --- DR. PAUL C. BRAGG

"I use my BodySlant to improve blood circulation to the most vital organ in my body --- my brain." --- DR. MARSH MORRISON

"I know lying on my BodySlant, a few minutes a day, is essential for a total wellness program. - DR BERNARD JENSEN

"I didnít realize the value of reversing gravity on my body until I began using my BodySlant. --- DR ANN WIGMORE

"To relax my mind and rejuvenate my body, I like using my BodySlant as another fine Touch For Health." --- DR JOHN F. THIE


Relax on your Body Slant for even a few minutes each day and you can achieve health that exceeds the results of your current wellness practices.

* Difference between Bodyslants: the difference is the size and sections but besides that they are both the same angle of slant so they give the same benefits. Note;each model has the differen't sections - the sections are all connected!

* Bodyslant: High grade-dense foam with poly poplin material over the foam. The material cover is not removable.

If you don't find your purchase to be one of the best investments you've ever made toward improving your health, fitness, and beauty, we'd like you to return it, within 90 days, for a prompt refund of your money (less our cost shipping to you $80). If you decide to keep your lifestyle product(s), you'll enjoy a Ten-Year warrantee on material and craftsmanship. (One year on inflatable products.)

SHIPPING 25.00 - continential US
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SHIPPING 25.00 - continential US
Contact us for shipping rates outside the US
Currently sold out - please email admin @ Laurie Delk.net (no spaces)
to be on the waitlist, for as soon as they come in to be notified


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