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The Power of Chi by Dr Jan Kirschner, DC
Healing from the Inside Out by Dr Jan Kirschner, DC
Cardiopulmonary Disease by Dr Wei-Penu Zhao
Aerobic Exercise & Digestive Disorders by Dr Wei-Penu Zhao
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Long ago, it was proposed that the best way to rehabilitate you after a long workday was standing upside down. Theoretically, it is rational. After a whole day of fully occupied work, all the internal organs are drooping to a certain extent. One will feel a backache and lumbago, in addition to the blood and lymph be detained in lower limbs and the lower lumbar and back region.

After standing upside down, the internal organs reverse to the original position. The returning circulation of blood and lymph will accelerate, while the stagnation in the lower part is reduced. Furthermore, after standing upside down, the blood supply in the brain is increased, so one feels a clearer mind and the fatigue disappears. The problem is people do not feel encouraged about standing upside down. Movement mimicking fish in reality is a kind of swimming on land. The floor or mattress instead of water, will support the entire body. In such case, the oxygen consumption and activity are reduced. If your legs are lying in a machine rhythmically swinging left and right, this will bring about the relaxation and relocation of joints and muscles of your entire body. With the action of the left/right movement a couple times a day, all those after effects (dropping of kidney, stomach, urinary, bladder, diaphragm, intestine, liver, spleen and female breast) due to over fatigue and long term chronic weakness will recover the relevant organs to the original anatomical position. Human ligaments may be compared to the rubberband, after stretching for a long time; they'll never regain their original elasticity and tenacity. Swimming on land can recover the original nature of the ligaments, so that they can support the internal organs as before. Blood and lymph fluid carry out the action of transport corps for metabolism; nutrients and oxygen are carried to every corner of the body, from where wastes are removed and brought to kidney and intestines, and eventually excreted through urination and defecation. Now, their transportation is pushed through the rhythm of cardiac movement, and is further promoted by rhythmical muscular contraction and returning back venous blood and lymph fluid. We then feel relaxed and at ease, this is why after doing this exercise one can sleep soundly. The free fatty acids do not deposit in the abdomen, and are carried away through consumption-a process to reduce weight irreplaceable by any other measures. With regard to the female breast, as a result of the relaxation of the ligament supporting breast tendon and recovery of elasticity once again, women will have a full firm breast. The undesired fat deposit in the abdomen and buttocks will gradually disappear, with the original firmness recovered. This has been proven by tens of thousands of female users. It very well could be the ideal approach of reducing weight and making one beautiful. Neither medication nor injection is used in this exercise. This is most appropriate for those with obesity, arthritis and cardiac-pulmonary patients who are unable to do physical training. It is the fittest rehabilitation and health care measure today.



DR. Wei-Penu Zhao
Oxygen and water are the two important factors for maintaining good health and longevity. No one can live without either of these two factors. The importance of oxygen lies in its role on cardiopulmonary system. It takes in and sends oxygen into the blood circulation through pulmonary circulation. The blood is pumped out from the heart and circulates along blood vessels to the whole body for the use of cellular metabolism and growth. It is also used for the functional operation of various organs. For example, the liver is a big "chemical plant' in the human body, the kidney may be called a "sewage processing station", and the brain acts as the central headquarters. All these can be done on condition of oxygen nourishment. If one lives in a polluted atmospheric environment, he will feel dizzy and confused, behave sluggishly, and lack of clear thinking. On the other hand, if one always stays in a fresh air environment, then his brain is clear, with smart thinking and active response. Hence, it is not exaggerated to consider that oxygen is the basis of life.

Knowing the importance of life, it can confirm from the appropriate aspect that many lesions are related with anoxemia. The continuation and quality of life have an inevitable relationship with oxygen. How to maintain sufficient oxygen supply is the goal for medical specialists to pursue for the past several thousands of years. Nowadays people know that insufficiency of oxygen is related to the occurrence of various tumors in man. As early as 1931 the Novel laureate Warburg came to the conclusion that the major cause of cancer was insufficiency of oxygen. The same conclusion was reached by another Nobel laureate Woodward. Tumor cells tend to exist in low oxygen status. The occurrence and development of many tumor cells are associated with low oxygen tension. Just because of this, in the therapy of tumors some apply high pressure oxygen to intensify the effect of radiotherapy with deep X-ray or gamma ray with the purpose to increase the susceptibility of such treatment. The increase of susceptibility of anti tumor therapy resulted from increase of differential oxygen pressure is known as "oxygen effect" in medicine. This evolves the invention of high pressure oxygen cabinet to increase the oxygen environment for treatment of diseases, especially for those due to vascular constriction, spastic disease, gangrenous lesions and some sequel of trauma. For all of these it is effective. Now it also be used as adjunct method for the tumor therapy to increase the therapeutic effect of anti tumor treatment. Use of ozone cabinet treatment is also reported. The application of trivalent oxygen in the treatment is not yet universal. However, analysis of the available data indicates that it is effective. Of course, people cannot buy an oxygen cabinet to do exercise, and it is also impractical to buy an ozone generator for health care. However, from the financial condition of modern families, it is absolutely possible to possess an aerobic exerciser. It is feasible that the family members take 10 to 15 minutes aerobic exercise. in turn. With such aerobic exercise, one can make stable and deep breathing, thus inhale more oxygen. The blood vessels throughout the whole body are benefited by the increase of differential oxygen pressure in arterioles, more oxygen is available for cellular metabolism. The normal development of cells naturally reduce the chance of mutation and malformation of cell population. This measure is a preventive step for normal individuals As for those patients with tumors or under anti tumor treatment, it, fundamentally speaking, helps the anti tumor therapy. For those members of a family with the carcinogenic genes, the long-term aerobic exercise might improve the cancerism. Although right now there is no direct evidence to confirm such speculation, it is wholly reasonable from the analysis of the etiology of tumor and therapeutics. In conclusion, it is advisable to do aerobic exercise for patients with tumors, and those under treatment as well as those in convalescent stage. Of course, how much time to make such exercise and what method should be used vary with individuality. People should make consultation with specialists and experts in this field.



DR. Wei-Penu Zhao
Today in the twentieth century, people are living in an era with highly developed technology and at the same time full of competition and opportunities. A young man is facing books piling up higher and higher and computer data changing day and night; a middle-aged employee is facing endless work which cannot be done even without sleep. and the pressure brought by bills, car, home, etc. makes you suffocated. When you become old, all the problems such as medical insurance, loneliness, longing for and thinking of the past good old days, the feeling of your birthplace and countryland make up a tremendous mental burden. It makes you surrounded by an isolated cabinet. As a result, a series of mental disorders follow one by one. The followings are only some of such problems.

  1. Depression
    It can occur in any age group. Some show mental agitation. People of this category work in a disturbed and complicated environment. Or they live in a very compact living condition with poor ventilation. They frequently yawn, doze off and catnap, react sluggishly, oftentimes are so agitated and angry, and even want to open the windows and shout loudly, or take a comfortable sleep to get rid of all these troubles facing them. Another category is the typical depression. The pressure of work and life is so serious that really makes them suffocated. They have palpation, tachysystole, bradycardia; in the digestive system, they have loss of appetite, being sick of eating, nausea, or vomiting, sometimes constipation or diarrhea. For thinking and reasoning, they usually get into a dead end; in case there is some mild ailment, they have the cancer phobia, or imagine they have some serious heart disease, etc. All day long, they are in a trance, sit isolated in a room with the door closed or talk endlessly. These symptoms are miscellaneous and vary with persons.
  2. Life Style
    There is a new syndrome called adaptation syndrome. The main cause of it is due to internal or external over tension. The over activity of pituitary adrenal axis due to outside and inside tension makes the person secrete large amount of adrenocortical hormone to adapt the responses required by the various parts of his body. If it prolongs for a certain period of time, it will result hypertension, peptic ulcer, arrhythmia, insomnia, irregular menstruation, or neurasthenia. Hysteria breaks out in some who cannot control his emotion or feeling, especially in some females. Some may even feel cold of his limbs, simulating the symptoms of peripheral neuritis. In a word, all these diversified unhealthy syndromes are related to modern life style. At present either Western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine can only suit the remedy to the case, its effect of course is not satisfactory, because we do not resolve the cause of disease. We now propose an auto aerobic exercise, pointing to the problem and let the brain calm down. It can make the secretion curve of the pituitary adrenal axis activity reverse to normal. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves of vegetative sympathetic nerve, i.e., the nervous system regulating our viscera, must coordinate and balance. With the rhythmic aerobic swimming on land, the over secretion of sympathetic nerve may decline to normal, and the hypertension resulted from over constricted blood vessels become normal once again.
  3. Digestive system
    The peptic ulcer resulted from too much release of gastric acid as a consequence of overexcited vagus nerve, it will be cured as a result of stabilization of the overactive pituitary adrenal axis, decrease of gastric acid, and the disappearance of the human mental psychological factors. If in an environment without consuming oxygen, one inhale more oxygen and exhale more carbon dioxide and toxin, his brain will be clear minded. The agitated psychic status will disappear, and less break out of hysteria.

Once your emotions are normal, your reasoning and thinking are of course logic and rational. Such kind of exercise may reverse all these diseases accompanied with the new era, getting rid of your agitation and fidget, your depression and melancholia. With the recovery of normal function of vegetative nervous system, and turning to normal constriction and dilatation of blood vessels, your mental and psychological obstruction can be readily solved A combination of taking Chinese medicine will have a much more better effect.

Chi Health alternative


DR. Wei-Penu Zhao

Based on human physiological function, a human being might have a life span of 150 years. However, the average life span of man nowadays is less than half of that. The reason is that, in addition to death resulted from disease, there is lack of sufficient oxygen in your living environment. Oxygen as a basic requirement of element for man is known to all. Nevertheless, many of us do not clearly understand what is its role to our health and longevity. Whatever exercise you do, you do require aerobic metabolism. Those sports such as jogging, swimming, playing balls, etc. then require much more oxygen. In such case, human organs such as heart, lung, liver, and blood circulation accelerate their functioning, require more oxygen, increase metabolism and the activities of various types of cells. Therefore, they are known as oxygen consuming physical exercises. In other words, there is certain pressure to the human body, or the so called physical discipline. The Chinese have some unique views about strengthening our body and health care. Long before several thousand years ago, there was the so-called "Sitting quietly" to strengthen one's body. This style of health care actually, through "Sitting quietly", readjusts human respiratory rhythm and function. It concentrates all the daily chores of all kinds of thoughts into one point, and lets blood circulatory system adjust and relax, and at the same time lets the vegetative nerves (regulating the function of visceral organs, composed of mutually cooperative sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves) mutually coordinate and produce a unified action. Thus human body can have a good health and life. YuJia, TaJiQuan, BaDuanJin and the like are derived from "Sitting quietly" and,with it as the basic starting point, with some additional motion mimicked from animal movements. All these play some role to strengthen out body, prevent disease and make a long life. Nowadays people discover that many biological functions of animals are absent in human being. The bionics is the science to study how to mimic the animals' functions and structures. The most simple example is how people manufacture the airplane from the flying of birds. Thus people hope there are some clues to be learned from them to be useful for antisenity, to improve our health and longevity as well.

The life span of human body is much longer than last century. It does not mean that human constitution is stronger than before. The credit is due to the following facts. People know much more about themselves, there are many early diagnosis for diseases, more improved methods of treatments. As the mortality of disease is declined, the life span is extended. In addition, the death rates resulted from the natural and man-made calamities such as famines and wars are also greatly reduced. This of course also is one aspect to prolong human's life. On the other hand, the living standard of man of the modem times is much raised, and greatly improved, so that they take more meat, high fat, high protein for a better meal, and eventually increase their burden. Furthermore, human activities are confined in closed high-rises and skyscrapers, the contact with nature becomes less and less. In such case, the intake of oxygen, both quantitatively and qualitatively, is greatly reduced. The current environment of human being is maintained by air conditioning and central heating; as a result, the function of human lung and skin to regulate aerial metabolism is degenerated. The intake of oxygen is also greatly reduced. The pollution of air, water, and food by various industrial contaminants on the earth is daily increasing. The increase of food additives also are the threatening toxin to human health. Based on all the phenomena and the comparison between the theories of ancient age and modem era, health care scientists come to the conclusion that we have to get rid of the above four harms, and increase the oxygen content in our body. One may ask which route is employed to increase more oxygen intake. It's not through vigorous exercises, which in fact consume more oxygen in the end. From mimics, people discover that fishes in the water are always in the swinging motion. They neither feel tired, nor consume more oxygen. It is the so called aerobic movement. Through long-term practical trial, especially from the patients with organic lesions in heart, liver and kidney, those with hypertension, hypo tension, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, or obesity with heavy deposit of fat in abdomen, osteoporosis, or arthritis, all these patients are not allowed to take these oxygen consuming exercise. However, aerobic exercise is beneficial but not harmful to them.


DR. Wei-Penu Zhao

The respiratory system is made up of the nose, pharynx. trachea, bronchioles and alveoli. Actually the route from nose to bronchioles is an air passage. The gas exchange per se in reality occurs in alveoli. The alveoli act as a thin membrane through which oxygen is inspired and carbon dioxide is expired.

For this reason how the respiratory system works depend upon the functional status of the long air passage and the pulmonary alveoli. Inflammation is the most common cause of respiratory diseases. It causes the thickening (swollen) of mucous membrane of trachea and bronchi, increase of secretion and contraction smooth muscle layer of trachea. The final result is that the airway narrowed, vital volume of respiration reduced, inspiration of oxygen and expiration of carbon dioxide obstructed. Moreover, the sputum which is the mixture of mucus and inflammatory exudate stimulates the nerve ending of the wall of air way and results coughing.

Congenital bronchial anomaly may cause bronchiectasis which in turn hinders normal ventilation as it should do normally, and the bronchitis can worsen ventilation. Such people are prone to have inflammation which further worsen the originally narrow passage of air exchange and edema. The efficient air exchange function is further reduced. On the other hand, the thickening of alveoli due to inflammation reduce the air exchange function, so the patient has anoxia, cyanosis, short of breath, palpitations, etc. The cascade develops from respiratory system to cardiovascular system and even to brain and nervous system, in a word, it is anoxia.

In addition, there is a ciliated layer in the tracheal passage to propel mucus and foreign particles. However, in case there is bronchitis, bronchiectasis, etc., the cilia function is much reduced. The impaired function make the control of inflammation more difficult.

There are a certain proportion of people suffer from allergic asthma, either congenital or acquired, resulting spastic narrow bronchi. The formation of this process is similar to what described above. The tradition Chinese medicine is use expectorant and anti-inflammatory drug to keep the passage of respiratory tract free, so that sputum is easily expectorated and the inflammation is resolved. However, due to the existence of etiological factors, it is very difficult to reach this goal.

For those who have these disorders in the respiratory system, if they insist to do aerobic exercise, then the whole musculature, skeleton and joints will have rhythmic movement; in addition, the visceral organs have the same movement too. The spastic bronchial wall muscle will be relaxed, and the cilia on the bronchiole tube recover its ciliate movement, and eventually the sputum is easily expectorated out, and the respiratory tract is gradually recovered. The process is, on the one hand, resulted from mechanic movement, somewhat similarly to the massage of viscera to induce the relaxation of spastic smooth muscle. On the other hand, after the aerobic exercise, the relaxation of visceral vegetative nerves can be attained, and the balance can be readjusted, so that sputum is more easy to be expelled out and the inflammation is easy under control. The final result is a free and healthy respiratory tract can be maintained or recovered.

Therefore, for all those who frequently suffer cold, bronchitis, asthma and bronchiectasis, if they can insist to make aerobic exercise, it will be very helpful to their recovery of the function of respiratory system. Needless to say, the patients have to make exercise to recover his respiratory function, to improve his vital capacity, in conjunction with appropriate treatment such as taking expectorant and anti-inflammatory drug. If so, it can be expected that the respiratory system may gradually become healthy.


DR. Wei-Penu Zhao

In a series of articles we have described the relationship between aerobic exercise and various systems of the body. In the present article, some important points about aerobic exercise are described in the following for the reference to do such exercise.

First if you use the Sun Harmony® Aerobic Exerciser, it would be more simple If you make such exercise with the purpose of training and building up your physical health or improving your digestive system, auto rehabilitation of your lumbago or aching back, sciatica, knee pain, etc., you lie on your back, keep your body in a straight line, put both ankles in the groove of the machine, relax the tip of your feet, then turn on the machine to shake, taking deep breaths at the same time. If the purpose is for healing shoulder pain or improving chronic dysfunction or treating diseases of respiratory system and cardiovascular system, then embrace your head with both hands, or cross your hands behind the neck at the 4th and 5th cervical vertebrae, and extend the elbow. In this case. you can swing as a fish is swimming. Furthermore, for those wanting to tone breasts or abdomen, take the same posture, so that you can throw out your chest and tone the area. If you feel uncomfortable with this posture to do the exercise, especially when you extend your knees, or if you have dizziness, you may change the posture accordingly. You can reach the same effect if you close and bend your two knees; then incline to the floor with shaking.

There is another style for those with kidney diseases. You lie facing down, with two hands crossed in front of your brow, then shake as the frequency, the same result may be obtained. The above mentioned is the exercise by yourself or through the help of instrument. For some weak person or aged and even young kids,they are not used to the shaking frequency of the instrument. In this case, a helper is needed. The patient may lie on his back, the helper takes a kneeling posture. The patient's ankles lie on the helper's knees. The helper supports the soles with one hand. and presses the ankles 'with the other hand. With this posture, start the shaking all around. In that case, the patient produces a swing of the whole body starting from foot upward. A convenient method for the helper is hanging a rope with a loop from the ceiling. The patient's feet are wrapped with thick towel and put into the loop. When the helper pushes the loop, it will automatically produce fish like whole body swinging.

For the beginner, take only three minutes for such exercise, and then increase gradually to 5, 7, and 10 minutes. With the adaptation period, it would not produce dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms. During exercise. one should not keep any distracting thoughts, keep regular deep breathing, this is especially important for patients of respiratory and circulatory (cardiovascular) Systems. After exercise, remain still for 2 to 3 minutes, otherwise, standing upright after exercise produces severe dizziness, or even nausea feeling resulting from the blood volume in a large proportion in the relaxed blood vessels, whereas the blood supply to the brain is comparatively insufficient so to speak. After exercise, one should take a drink of water, it can be rapidly absorbed to compensate blood volume, and also make your stomach feel comfortable.

For those with vascular or respiratory disease as well as those with hypertension or hypo tension, the increase of amount of exercise should be gradual. The rest for stabilization after exercise also should be prolonged. As the recovery function of elasticity, dilatation and constriction of blood vessels are not the same as a healthy person, so they have to wait a few minutes more. The best time to do such exercise is 1.5-5 hours after meal. One should never do such exercise right after a substantial meal The shaking of a full stomach could produce nausea and vomiting, and indigestion and ptosis of the stomach in the long run.

If the purpose of one's exercise is to reduce weight, tone the breast or reduce the waistline, you should consciously throw out your chest and tighten your abdomen, so that to tighten the ligament for abdomen and breast. At the same time, you can do other accessory exercises such as calisthenics. swimming, etc.

The room where you do the aerobic exercise should have good ventilation, with moderate temperature, so that you would not wear too much clothes, and it is much better if the room is carpeted.

Fish use a sideways movement of the spine when they are swimming. Most animals, like cats, dogs cattle and horses also use a sideways spinal movement when they are walking.

Of all the animals in the world, as far as we know only people have sore backs. When we add to this the fact that most people don't get enough exercise, especially spinal exercise, the result is that most people aren't getting enough oxygen into their bodies. Its not hard to understand why there are so many health problems in the world.

Before using the machine drink a little water.150 cc is about right. Upon finishing your exercise ,drink some more water to help flush toxins released by the exercise out of the body.

The handle should face away from you and the machine should be on a firm surface or the floor. (Using the machine on a spring mattress or bed does not give good results).

If you use the machine without socks there may be some discomfort as your ankles rub on the footrest. If this happens fold a thin towel and place under your ankles. When you lie down to use the machine ensure that your body is perpendicular to the machine.

When you have checked that your body is straight start the machine with the timer switch. If it is your first time, limit yourself to five minutes. When you have become accustomed to the machine you can increase the time to all levels at which you feel comfortable. Allow your hands to fall as they may and fully relax your body for best results.

When the exerciser stops moving do not get up straight away and do not move your body around. Lie still for two to three minutes. You will notice a tingling feeling in the body which in Chinese medicine is recognized as the body's response to the movement of "Chi". When you have this feeling the Chi in your body is giving you an internal massage. People who practice Chi kung understand the subtlety of "Chi" in the body and are able to move it around by focusing their attention. It is said that wherever the "Chi" gets to in the body, sickness is cured. The internal "Chi" massage resulting from the use of the exerciser is even more beneficial than the external movement, accounting for about 60 percent of the positive effects. Remember when getting up to roll to your side first. This will prevent you from getting dizzy or injuring your back.

Doing 15 minutes on the exerciser is equivalent to taking 10,000 steps, or walking about 1.5 hours in terms of the calories burnt and oxygen used. Some people who normally don't get much exercise may therefore feel quite tired after using the machine and some people with apparently nothing wrong with them may feel sore in places. This happens because of old injuries or a lack of exercise that have resulted in a circulation deficit to parts of the body. The tiredness or soreness are a natural result of the circulation beginning to open up. The "Sun Harmony®" exerciser provides the best available way to exercise the spine in a comfortable and relaxed way so as to replenish oxygen levels in the body. The sideways movement generated in the spine stimulates the sympathetic nervous system which in turn helps to promote heart and lung function.

This sends more fresh oxygen to all the cells of the body appropriately balancing all of the body cells need for oxygen The stimulation also helps to promote the movement of stagnant blood in the body. When you use the exerciser from inside your body you can feel the slight warm ticking sensation of blood flowing around your whole body telling which sends many people into a sweet, dreamy state of mind.

Don't Use the machine within one hour of eating, during the first three months of pregnancy, immediately after an operation, or with an infected or bleeding injury or cut. If extreme pain is caused by use of the exerciser, stop using it temporarily.

For some people, after 15 minutes on the exerciser they do not feel tired and cannot believe that they have done exercise the equivalent of walking for 1.5 hours. This is because the exercise is done lying down. Most of the load and stress has been taken off the body, so you are relaxed, and being gently massaged by the exerciser Your body is being replenished by oxygen and not depleted. which is what happens in much strenuous activity. If you keep up the exercise you will get results that you cannot imagine.

If you feel very uncomfortable or dizzy after using the exerciser for only five minutes cut the time back by halt. if even one minute is too much, you may well have a fairly serious anemia, your general oxygen levels in the brain could be too low, or you could have an imbalance in the inner ear. If you have any of these symptoms pay careful attention to your nutrition, get adequate sleep and pay attention to your psychological state. Try to stay happy and positive, avoid annoying situations, avoid stress if possible. When turning your head or rolling over in bed be gentle and smooth in your movements. When you are using the exerciser prop the head up a little with pillow. After doing this for a while, when you are no longer dizzy try to use the machine without a pillow for better results.

If symptoms still persist after trying these different things you could have some unknown problem. In this case it is suggested that you seek the advice of a doctor.

Some people after using the exerciser for a short time find that they are extremely thirsty, they have bad breath, and their excreta smells funny. This is a natural and positive result of the full body exercise and massage which the machine gives you both externally and internally.

DR. Wei-Penu Zhao
Anyone who suffers insomnia knows clearly the pain. When the bedtime is forthcoming. the patient is already worrying and feeling the terror to come. Many insomnia suffers are very lively, always cheerful, and of a sanguine disposition. The only problem is that he cannot sleep well, so that it affects next days work and life.In the present American communities, insomnia is an important issue among health care. Among the population over 25 years old, about one half need consultation with doctors about their sleep. Many Americans use various kinds of sleeping pills. Statistics indicate that the expense consumed on sleeping pills is higher than that for all other medications. As the sleep induced by hypnotic is not a really physiological sleep, it cannot produce the effect as that resulted from physiological sleep. As to those sleep from large amount of alcohol, it is in reality a kind of intoxication leading to muddleheaded state not a real sleep. Drinking small amounts of brandy or other wines may promote sleep, but it cannot be used for treating insomnia.

In previous issues, we had mentioned that aerobic exercise (swimming on land) has unexpected advantage to human sleep. The fast rhythm of modern society and the strained state of mind disturb the various centers of one's brain so that they cannot coordinate harmoniously to induce a serene sleep. Since Japanese scientist Dr. lnoue Shizuo reported that aerobic dancing is helpful to sleep, I also did a study. I found if one at about 2 to 3 hours after dinner made rhythmic swimming on land similar to the swinging of goldfish, then lying down calmly, one could be sunk in to sleep without any auxiliary therapy for sleep. The reason is that when at a time of 2 to 3 hours after dinner, the food has already past through the stomach,and into the small intestine for absorption. The rhythmic swinging transmitted from lower limbs up to head makes the whole body including the bones, joints and muscles relaxed. The respiration through the trachea and lungs turns into smooth and deep breathing, so that the amount of efficient oxygen exchange increases, the various centers of the brain turn into easeful and still status. In that case the strained thinking and anxiety do not exist, and of course the insomnia could not occur. The aerobic exercise increases the intake of oxygen, the metabolism of the brain cells tends to shift to tranquillity, and naturally turns into a sound sleep.

Therefore I suggest that those who suffer insomnia can make such self management. First, never eat too much for the dinner, keep a quiet living environment, don't adjust the room temperature too high, maintain good indoor ventilation, don't make any excessive physical or mental activity starting in the evening. Take 10-15 minutes using the aerobic exerciser (swimming on land), and then go to bed. Throw away your sleeping pills. After 10-14 days wth such training, I'm sure you can get rid of insomnia. Nowadays there are many efficient aerobic sports, from the simplest slow and deep breathing, singing loudly, sitting ',with meditation, Sakya breathing, moderate walking and others. But a real exercise is what we described in previous issues, i.e., using a rhythmic swinging instrument, with your two legs lying upon it. When it turns on; the whole body from feet transmitting to head starts to swing, just as the golden fish. Some one also can make their knees closer and bend their knees, swing left and right. A third alternate is lying down your body with the two legs hanging up into two rings to make swinging movement left and right. There are also various kinds of some larger scale healthy beds which can vacillate now to the left and now to the right. Of course, the aerobic exerciser through which swinging both legs and bringing the whole body to swing is a method of choice to treat or to prevent disease.


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