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Marketing Plan and Business Opportunity

The Sun Harmony® Aerobic Exerciser Chi Machine®

NO Monthly Minimum purchases in order to receive commissions

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Unlike many "marketing plans" worldwide that oblige you to purchase minimum monthly quantities of stock, the Hsin Ten company marketing philosophy will not put you in debt nor oblige you to realise unrealistic selling quotas. The purchase of an original Sun Ancon Aerobic Exerciser in itself entitles you to distributor's rights. No further purchases are required! Ever! Read on to see how a step for your own health can also provide you with a no nonsense method of earning an income.

Chi Machine® Cost:
Retail: $680 (+ tax)
Wholesale: $480 (+ $18 for sales kit + tax)
Most folks sell at wholesale.

The company pays you for each Chi machine®/Hot House sale you make and for each one in your downline.
Refer 8 people who purchase and your Chi Machine is paid for.

Marketing Plan

Here’s how the marketing structure works (once you have purchased your CHI Machine® (or other 45 BVP) and sales kit):

Your Commissions as a:

Distributor: 1-9 machines sold by you and/or your Group: $ 67.50

Supervisor: 10 through 63 machines sold by you and/or your Group:
Personally sponsor new Distributor: $108.00
Machines sold by your Distributors: $ 40.50
Machines sold by 1st generation Supervisors: 2% override bonus

Manager: 64 through 223 machines sold by you and/or your Group:
Personally sponsored new Distributor: $144.00
Machines sold by your Supervisors: $ 36.00
Machines sold by your Distributors: $ 76.50
Machines sold by 1st generation Managers: 2% override bonus
Machines sold by 2nd generation Managers: 1% override bonus

Vice President: 224 through 391 machines sold by you and/or your Group:
Personally sponsored new Distributor: $148.50
Machines sold by your Managers: $ 4.50
Machines sold by your Supervisors: $ 40.50
Machines sold by your Distributors: $81.00

President: 392 machine (to infinity) sold by you and/or your Group:
Personally sponsored new Distributor: $180.00
Machines sold by your Vice Presidents: $31.50
Machines sold by your Managers: $ 36.00
Machines sold by your Supervisors: $ 72.00
Machines sold by your Distributors: $112.50

How many sold by you and/or group
Percent You Earn
Your Title
Chi Machine® Commission
Hot House Commission
Electro Reflex Energizer Commission
Vice President
Star President

Qualifications for each of the levels:

Purchase sales kit and one Chi Machine® which equals 45 Bonus Volume Points (BVP).
Receive 15% commission on 1st-9th sales to another.

You and your group sell 9 machines which accumulates a total of 405 BVP.
Receive 24% commission on personal sales.
Once you are a Supervisor, you will also receive a 2% bonus override on all 1st generation Supervisors ONLY!
You receive no points and no $ on any other generations of Supervisors until you move up to Manager.

NOTE: Each time you reach a new status, your BVP goes back to zero.

You and your group sell 64 machines which accumulates a total of 2,475 BVP and you have at least 2 Supervisors in 2 separate legs.
Receive 32% commissions on personal sales.
If you have a 1st generation Manager you also receive a 2% override.
If you have a 2nd generation Manager you also receive a 1% override.
On any further generation Managers, at this time, you will receive no $ and no points, until you move up to the next level.

You and your group sell 224 machines which accumulates 7,200 BVP and you have at least 2 Managers in 2 separate legs.
Receive 33% commission on all personal sales.
If you have a 1st generation Vice President or Manager you also receive a 2% override.
If you have a 2nd generation Vice President or Manager you also receive a 1% override.
On any further generation Vice Presidents or Managers, at this time, you will receive no $ and no points, until you move up to the next level.

You and your group sell 392 machines which accumulates 14,760 BVP and you have at least 4 Managers in 4 separate legs.
Receive 40% commission on all personal sales.
Also receive leadership bonus of 5% on U.S. volume: 3% in cash, 1% for a car, 1% for travel expenses.

You have 12 months to achieve each level.
If it takes longer the 1st month is dropped, and the 13th month is added.

Breakaways: Up to the Supervisor level if it occurs that a distributor in your group equals or passes you in rank, you receive no $ or points until you achieve the next rank.

Special case: As a Supervisor, if a 2nd generation distributor becomes a Supervisor, you receive nothing, because their upline (who is also a Supervisor -your 1st generation Supervisor) receives the 2% - until you become a Manager. As Manager, you no longer experience making no points/commissions -- unless someone jumps over you to President- In that case when you catch up to them as a President they then take up their previous place under you and you again start receiving commissions.

Electro Reflex Energizer™28 pointsBetaLoe™2 points
Chi Machine®45 pointsTotal Enzyme Granule3 points
Hot House™80 pointsTotal Enzyme Drink4 points
FIR-TO-GO™35 pointsEnzyme E + C Tablets3 points
Electro Pad for Energizer1 pointsEnzyme Calcium Tablets3 points
Chi Machine Carrying Bag1 pointsChi Formula2 points
Hot House Carrying Bag2 points..

Here is some *Possible Income Potentials
*This does NOT mean you WILL do this-this just shows what you will make IF you do this
If You are a Manager
If You get a new distributor=you get $144.00

If That distributor makes his/her first sale he/she earns $45.00
You earn the difference between your $144.00 and their $45.00
You earn $99.00

If That distributor makes his/her 2nd - 9th sales he/she then earns $67.50 per sale
You earn the difference between your $144 and their $67.50
You earn $76.50 per sale

As a Manager, you earn $855.00 for each new distributor you help to reach Supervisor.

As a Manager you would earn $36.00 for each sale your Supervisors make.
If you had only 10 Supervisors making only 10 sales per month you would earn $3,600.00 per month without making a single sale yourself.

If You are a President
You would earn the same $36.00 per sale on your Managers, and $72.00 per sale on your Supervisors.

If you have only 4 Managers, and If they each have only the same 100 sales (in their group) you would earn $14,400 per month, again, without making a single sale yourself.


Did you know...

  • you can charge your patients for time spent on the Chi Machine®
  • You can bill your patient's insurance company for time spent on the Chi Machine®
  • You can sell Chi Machines® to your patients and start a whole new income stream
  • You can try a Chi Machine® for two weeks free of charge*. We even pay the shipping!

* An initial charge will be made to your credit card which will be reversed upon return of the Chi Machine®.




The Chi Machine® is an unusual device in that it offers FIVE DISTINCT income streams. Combined, these income streams can develop into significant income.

1. TREATMENT Eash patient can be given 10-15 minute treatments at the prevailing rate.

2. SALES TO PATIENTS The machine can be sold or prescribed to patients for their use at home. The palpable feeling of Chi, as it suffuses their bodies will make most patients want to use the machine twice a day-and buting one is the only way that can be done.

3. SALES TO FRIENDS & RELATIVES OF PATIENTS Because of the incredible feeling of Chi rising through the body, users (especially women) will want to demo the Chi Machine® to their friends. ["Hey Sally, Come try out this amazing machine I just got. You can actually feel the energy rising through your body"] These referrals produce additional sales and the income that comes from them.

4. SALES BY PATIENTS Some patients will want to introduce their friends and relatives to the Chi Machine®, so that they can make money. You can "sign them up" to sell the machines-and when they do, you get residual income from their sales.

5. SALES BY OTHER HEALTH PROFESSIONALS AND RETAILERS How many chiropractors, rehabilitation counselors, physical therapists, naturopaths, herbalists, health food store owners, Oriental medical doctors, acupuncturists, homeopathics doctors, and...do you know (in your local area, and throughout the United States and Canada and in other countries where the Chi Machine® can be sold?) Every one of them could be selling Chi Machines®-providing you with residual income.


Psychologists, Marriage Counselors, Hypnotherapists

Due to the profound relaxation created by the CHI Machine®, Therapists have found an increase in session effectiveness when a patient uses the CHI Machine® for a few minutes before their session.

Health Clubs, Day Spas

The CHI Machine® is great for warm-up and cool down sessions before and after a workout. The machine is also great effortless way to tighten and tone hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks.

Rehab Specialists (Elderly, Physically Challenged, Sports and Detox Centers)

A large percentage of the population are physically unable to exercise. With the CHI Machine®, similar benefits of traditional aerobic activity can be achieved effortlessly. The CHI Machine® effectively activates the body's natural cleansing systems, increasing overall health and well-being.

Feng Shui, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Holistic & Metaphysical Centers

The euphoric, energetic feeling created by a session on the CHI Machine® makes this a perfect market.

Athletes / Coaches / Sports Medicine

The relaxing effect of the CHI Machine® helps athletes loosen up before competitions and workouts, and remove lactic acids after exertion to prevent muscle soreness & stiffness. The effortless aerobic workout helps get oxygen to every cell in the body not just the targeted muscle areas of a conventional workout.

Business Executives and anyone in a Stressful Environment

Taking a 5 or 10 minute refreshing, relaxing break during the day will make even the most stressed person operate at a much more efficient level. The "No Sweat" CHI Machine® makes it quick and easy even in a business suit or dress, which is exactly what the American people want and need with today's hectic life style.

Your own family and friends who see YOUR benefits in using the Chi Machine®

By using your own Chi Machine®, you become a model of the wonderful benefits that can be achieved by its daily use. Your experience and difference in mind/body/spirit is the best testimonial; one that your family and friends can actually see and notice.

S.H. - President Level Distributor
I was introduced to this business over the phone by someone I never met. He lives 350 miles from me, although we talked on the phone prior to this business I never knew what he looked like. They are very good at what they do, building and running a business. He and I spoke on the phone almost daily for the first year of this business. It's because of that contact and working together I owe so much of my success to them. Work with your upline.

When I started in March of 2000 it took me two weeks to get a machine. I didn't want to wait for results before I started sharing the benefits. I started calling people and sending info. out the same day I ordered my machine. My first two weeks in the business I got a check for $850.00, was well past Supervisor status and hadn't even tried the machine yet. I also do a lot of shows and home parties. I started home parties home parties about 11 months ago and my business has doubled.

Using all the tools available allows you and your people to be more effective. Knowing what those tools are can make all the difference. It’s not what you know, it's what you DO with what you know. Building this business is like building a house, you better be working with someone that knows how to read a blueprint.

There are several ways to build this business, you don't have to be good at all of them, just know what they are. Share the different ways with your new people and let them decide what method will work best for them. The best thing I ever did was educate myself by listening to all the tapes and conference calls. you have to know what you are talking about, and work with your upline.

E.G. - President Level Distributor
After 23 years of operating a prosperous health food store, I retired to a home business to be with my husband who has Parkinson's. Also, an addition to my home is my widowed mother.

My husband's symptoms improved markedly with the use of The Chi Machine and my 91-year-old mother is thriving as she takers her daily "respite" on her Chi Machine.

My enthusiasm is real. The Chi Machine is giving long-term health benefits to my family and makes a noticeable difference in how I feel in times of high stress.

K.K. - Vice President Level Distributor
I'm a pharmacist working 50 hours a week, but thanks to the incredible Chi Machine and HotHouse, I've been able to experience success on a part time basis. They try the machine, feel The results and order. My sponsor has been a great help to me, plus I appreciate the prompt and courteous service from the corporate staff. Sharing health and wealth with The Chi Machine and The Hot House is very rewarding. I'm thrilled to be a part of the this family.

R.N.V. - Vice President Level Distributor
I run a diagnostic machine at a research clinic and have analyzed over 400 patients to understand their health condition. I love The Chi Machine. There is a synergistic benefit to the health of the client when we mix various therapies with the Hot House and the Chi Machine. The frequencies of the body systems are increased to allow the body to balance itself, to relax and to heal.

V.D. - President Level Distributor
The fastest way to succeed is to find out what others did to reach the top. Just simply follow success principles and suggestions, stay focused on your goals, dreams, ambitions and do not let anyone tell you that it cannot be attained.

After using The Chi Machine for the first time, I felt that healing process was taking place for several days after and I now enjoy better health as a result.

"True leaders are not those who strive to be first, but those who are first to strive and who give their all for the success of the team."

Thank you Dr. Inoue for providing us with this fabulous wellness tool and health builder.

S.M. - Vice President Level Distributor
These products have been a real blessing for our family's physical and financial needs. It has been to help others improve the quality of their lives.

I have been involved with a lot of different companies and this one is by far the most rewarding.

J.E. - Vice President Level Distributor
My love is in helping people learn how to improve their health in a natural way. The Chi Machine and the HotHouse have been a wonderful addition to my natural herb and vitamin business. I use it on a daily basis and wouldn't be without it!

J.S. - Vice President Level Distributor
The Chi Machine is our first appointment in the morning and our last appointment at night. It has been our wonderful companion for over three years and continues to give us healing and relaxation. We wouldn't be without it! Many thanks.

F.A. - Vice President Level Distributor
It's been 2 years since I was introduced to The Chi Machine. I had no desire to make it a business; I just wanted to feel better. Cancer is prevalent in my family and I know that cancer cells cannot grow with oxygen present so I wanted it. Two months later I purchased The HotHouse. People started to notice a difference in me and how good I felt. In turn, they wanted to try both the machines. It took six months before I noticed I had something here and so did others. Thanks to this company and their awesome products I have achieved the Vice President Level heading for President!

G.S.M. - Manager Level Distributor
The HotHouse and The Chi Machine have changed my life. The HotHouse did it within 30 minutes and made the pain of my carpal tunnel go away. It was so bad I could not hold up a coffee cup and I was planning an operation to restore my arm and hand control. It's been gone for almost a year now.

The Chi Machine started reversing the chemistry of a bone spur on my heel that had crippled my mobility beginning just before we acquired the equipment. Within two weeks, the pain was totally gone. However, four months later when I tried to locate the bone spur, I found it unquestionably. Some two months later, however, we could not locate the bone spur even though we knew exactly where it was. It was totally gone.

I invited my husband to help educate people about this technology. He did and is proud to support me.

T.S. - Manager Level Distributor
It's an exciting time working with the HTE products and seeing peoples' lives change. It's awesome to have the support of a great upline president to help get the business to roll.

V.L. - Manager Level Distributor
What is most exciting about this business is the opportunity to help others become successful, plus the wonderful friendships that arise.

L.P.P. - Manager Level Distributor
I am very grateful to my upline and my downline supervisors, who helped make this possible. I have just retired officially as a Public Health Nurse, but plan to continue in the private sector with the mission of Public Health; to promote wellness & prevent disease. Thank you for your amazing products which will help me fulfill this mission and opportunity to supplement my income as well.

P.P. - Manager Level Distributor
The Chi Machine and The Hot House have allowed me to eliminate my chronic back pain and significantly reduce my muscle and joint stiffness. Sharing these products with others, on a twin-career basis has blessed me with extra income and a feeling of satisfaction by enhancing someone else's quality of life.

J.H. - Manager Level Distributor
People who succeed are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacles and opportunities and are able to turn both to their advantage.

D.E. - Manager Level Distributor
I've been a massage therapist for the past 10 years. I chose this profession because I wanted to help people feel better. This year I was introduced to The Chi Machine. The Chi Machine has helped others in ways that I couldn't. I have heard that you have anything in life that you want if you first help others get what they want. Thanks for the opportunity to continue to help people.

J.M. - Manager Level Distributor
I feel so blessed to be associated with this company! I enjoy working with people who are interested in the well-being of others. The company has great standards and goals.

A.K. - Manager Level Distributor
In my professional practice of SHEN Physio-Emotional Therapy, I work with survivors of abuse and trauma. The Chi Machine and The Hothouse are invaluable for me both personally and professionally. My mother, a Supervisor who teaches her own system of transformational bodywork has created a group of medical doctors and psychologists who are using The Chi Machine in Germany.

D.V. - Manager Level Distributor
"It's a fun and rewarding company to work with. It is fun to show people the products because of what they can do (the products are awesome). This is the furthest I've ever gone with a network marketing company, and I'm able to move up with the company. It has been wonderful for me and my family!"

L.N.T. - Manager Level Distributor
I am so thankful to be one of the million people worldwide who has great benefit from these superb products. I wish I had joined this company years ago! Also, sincere thanks to a tremendous support from everyone.

N.G. - Manager Level Distributor
"Show me the Money," Help me help you. That's what they did, I LOVE IT. I've been in other programs and hardly made a dime, so for all of my downline keep on working hard, and show me the money. Thank you.

J.W. - Manager Level Distributor
I use my Chi Machine everyday because I have problems with my feet and legs. It sure makes you feel good. I am delighted to have reached the level of manager by caring and sharing with others who have health problems or just like the amazing benefits that you get from these incredible machines.

I want to say thank you to everyone in my group and wish them success and good health.

L.B. - Manager Level Distributor
The Chi Machine is worth its weight in gold. Everyone who I have sold the machine to, it has helped them. Some with astounding results.

J.E. - Manager Level Distributor
With the use of The Chi Machine I avoided back surgery. I use it after a hard day's work in my construction business to take the pain out of my legs after standing on them all day. Also, great after a day of snowmobiling to work out the sore muscles!! Thank you for this wonderful machine.

P.K. - Manager Level Distributor
I am in the business today because of what the Chi Machine did for me. It's exciting to create a business around products that help people so much. It is really growing as more and more people get turned onto The Chi Machine.

L.W. - Manager Level Distributor
What is a good life without a Chi Machine? From the time I first acquired mine to relieve a bronchial/asthmatic condition, I have found this to be a major help in my life to provide me with a quality life! Not only did its use clear my respiratory problems, it has relieved the tension of daily stresses contributing to a major boom in my energy level. People are amazed when I tell them I am 75 and still been as though I were only 55! My Motto: The Chi Machine is improving the quality of life for everyone!

I had bunion surgery on Friday. My doctor had told me I would not be able to drive a car for at least 2 weeks because it would be far too painful. I took a shower on Sunday and managed to totally saturated the bandages, so to dry it I put my foot under The HotHouse for 2 hours. I was driving on Monday with no pain whatsoever.

Of course, I continued to use The HotHouse and when the bandages were removed 5 weeks later the swelling was almost totally gone. He said that most people had more swelling than that after 3 1/2 months!

Karen K.

Before I got The Chi Machine I was going back to the doctor on a regular basis to keep my back in line so that I could play golf.

Now that I have The Chi Machine I use it every day for 15-30 minutes. It keeps my back loose and makes it easier to get around. I have not been back to the doctor in 5 months.

I would recommend The Chi Machine to anyone that has a back problem or just want to keep their muscles in their legs and lower back loose.

Pete C.

I would recommend The Chi Machine in a heartbeat.

For 5 months I had been in constant pain in my lower back. I have had this problem for 25 years on and off but it was finally getting serious.

After spending just 10 minutes on the machine i had 5 or 6 hours pain free. The next day I bought one and I wouldn't give it back if I got a double refund. It's only been 13 days since I purchased my Chi Machine and I have not had any significant back pain during that time. If the muscles start feeling a little tight I use the machine right away and I am fine.

I have lost 10 pounds and my feet have stopped swelling. I have Type 2 diabetes and poor circulation was causing my feet to swell anytime I stood or walked for more than 15 or 20 minutes. That problem seems to be a thing of the past.

Pleased with my Chi Machine? YOU BET?

Buy The Chi Machine Now
Instruction on the Chi Machine

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Local Chi Machine Distributors

AURA - Dr. Morris

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