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Testimonies of the Chi Machine

The Sun Harmony® Aerobic Exerciser Chi Machine®

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Professional Testimonies from people in Health Related Fields
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From very early on in my life I have had somewhat of a stormy personality. Especially when things didn't go right. It is an inherited personality trait. The last few years have been as stressful as ever business wise and personally. The constant barrage of expenditures, natural gas, electric, water, taxes, etc. had increased beyond increased beyond belief. Just paying the bills is a challenge. This country is balanced on the back of small business men and women and they don't get enough credit.

A year and a half ago, someone introduced me to The Chi Machine. I tried it after a little prodding. I thought after a few minutes on the machine, "pretty cool." On my way home I felt a calm in my voice and my being that I had really never felt before. I thought, "I need to do this again." I did and I had my sons and a couple of their friends try it, just to make sure I wasn't having an out of body flash back. They experienced the same calming effect I did. I knew then I still had some marbles in place. I purchased a machine and things haven't been the same since.

I found, for me, using it for 12 minutes a night before I go to bed works best. My sleep is awesome. No matter how many hours I sleep. If I don't it I have broken sleep pattern that is more restless. It also relieves stress like you can't believe. I use it before softball in the summer to help get me loose, so I can still play at a fairly high level and have fun doing it. I play basketball, bowl walk and run 3 miles a day, do 70 -755 pushups every other day, lift weights and enjoy sporting activities. In general, I can do everything I could do when I was 25. At 50 years old that says a lot. The Chi Machine has given me more energy than I thought possible and the chest and pains I used to have are nearly gone. Also, the "CHI" effect immediately after using it is mind-boggling.

I haven't had a full blown cold for nearly 2 years. I know The Chi Machine has increased my immune system. No telling how much good it has done for me internally.

Thank you for all of your support and thank you for the magnificent, incredible Chi Machine.
Darrell P.

My name is David G. I am 55 years old, married to my wonderful wife and have two wonderful sons. I've been self-employed all my life, except for the time I was in the service. I'm also a diabetic Type B for over 10 years. I went through the same problems as most diabetics do, lack of circulation in the left leg, neuropathy cramping of the muscles in the legs and feet. The feet are the worst when they cramp up in the arch of the foot, you have never felt such pain in your life.

In the fall of 1998, I scratched the front of the right leg on a rose bush while cleaning up the yard. This little scratch became infected even though I cleaned and disinfected it. It wouldn't heal; it just kept getting more and more infected. When it seemed to me that it wasn't healing, I went to a doctor. the diagnosis was to further treat it with some different antibiotic cream. This went on for 4 months, returned to the doctor everyday to have the bandages removed and cleaned. When he felt he couldn't do anything more fore me, he recommended me to the wound center in Minneapolis. That is what they treat there, diabetics with wounds.

This is a year later, the wound got bigger and it went into the bone and started to smell. The doctor told me that they did all they could for me, advised me that the next step would be to amputate the leg. Of course I didn't want that to happen, because the doctors start cutting they don't stop.

They continued to call the house for me to make an appointment to go to the hospital. I decided I didn't want to go through all that. Soon after there was a turn of events.

My wife and I were introduced to The Chi Machine. I first looked at the machine and wasn't very impressed. I started using the machine - on the 7th day my leg started itching. This might not sound like much to you, but I haven't had feeling in my right leg for a long time. I unwrapped the wound and saw that it was all scabbed over and had started to heal. It is now a year later and my leg is all healed and I have no more cramps in my feet. As far as I am concerned, the chi machine saved my life and gave me back the life I wanted to live.
David G.

It has helped me walk, also has made my back better. the stiffness is gone out of my neck and back. When I am tired from standing on my feet, I get on the machine for 15 minutes and the pain is all gone in my legs and Knees. It is certainly worth the money

I am 88 years old and The Chi machine has worked miracles!

Frances B
I have seen so many improvements in people's health, that it is hard to know where to start.

I achieved poor health early in life. After getting The HotHouse and The Chi Machine for my wife to try with her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I began to use it too.

I used to have energy low spots throughout the day and also what I call "brain fade". The use of both machines has kept my energy consistent all day long and I feel much more alert.

As for my wife, her CFS has greatly improved with the use of The Chi Machine and The HotHouse.

Tim S
Thanks for recommending The HotHouse - I was in terrible pain - gone to many doctors, MRI's, the works. I have bone spurs and two bulging disks in my back.

I was bedridden, taking pain pills and having terrible back spasms. I had made an appointment with a pain specialist when I remembered Dr. Lipton knew of a FIR machine. I had one air freighted to my house.

What a miracle! In seven days, no medicine was needed. My wife even started using The HotHouse for her sciatica with great relief.

Neil H.
I have cerebral palsy, polio in my left leg and am coming back slowly from a deep depression. My sister (Blanche) has a Chi Machine and when I came to live with her to liver with her she showed me how to use it. I got on it for five minutes a day in the beginning and felt relaxed the first day. I have been using The Chi Machine for three weeks and have gradually worked up to ten minutes twice a day. I can't believe how much calmer and self-assured I feel.

I have been in a lot of pain in my legs due to the cerebral palsy and now I feel relief from the pain. I use a walker to get about but I am in less pain and can walk longer distances.

I love The Chi Machine and will use it every day because I know how much better I can feel the more I use it.

Delia P
I was out of work as a result of surgery made necessary because of a car accident. While rehabilitating in Virginia, I came across a newspaper, which contained the article. I was so inspired by the information that I called to find the source of these remarkable benefits - The 'CHI' Machine - an exerciser that does everything! As you lie on your back (5-15 minutes~twice a day) and if you use it religiously, you will feel relief of bronchial disorders, muscle fatigue, spinal malalignment, apoplexy, calcification, insomnia, constipation, cold extremities, obesity, stress, arthritis and acne. It sounds too good to be true, but it has actually relieved the arthritis in my 75-year-old mother's hands as well as diminished cellulite in her thighs.

For me, the best benefit was an internal massage, which was instrumental in helping me to conceive our first child after 15 years of persistence. I am 42 years old and have been married for 20 years. A dear friend who is 39 years old also conceived while using the 'Chi' Machine regularly.

My husband, who is very skeptical of new technology, uses our Chi machine® for spinal relief, muscle fatigue and asthma. He loves it, it also helps him sleep restfully, and awaken "refreshed and sharp." Best of all, it helps his golf game. Back to the issue of infertility. I have seen several doctors along the East Coast since 1980. Many procedures, even extremely costly artificial inseminaiion, included fertility drugs, laporoscopic examinations, vitamins, etc. My husband and I travel often with our work - not always able to be together at the same time and place. One doctor's theory to our childless state was that we needed to relax! That does not work with career-minded couples. This drawn out process seemed to take over our lives and left us feeling incomplete & frustrated.

We also tried adoption several times, but we were told our lifestyles were not conducive to normal child rearing and we thought the expense was immoral - buying a child was not what we had in mind.

While I was away working on a movie, a fellow crewmember had tried my 'Chi Machine®.' She wanted to know if it might prevent her from conceiving. When she contacted the main office, she was told that it might help her to conceive as it gently massages your internal organs that may have adhesions preventing conception. It was true, she conceived soon after I did! I am enjoying our miracle child this is a miracle!We are now pregnant again! We thank God and the Chi Machine® for helping us have our long awaited family.

Cecelia M. Verardi
I have suffered from lower back pain for several years. I visited an orthopedic specialist who recommended surgery, but as my wife and I had planned an auto trip to Canada I decided against any surgery until after the trip,

However, as I had undergone two open heart surgeries, my cardiologist discouraged back surgery, stating that my heart condition may make another surgery somewhat risky and may be worse for me than back pain that I may have to suffer without undergoing a back operation.

Sometime later, a friend visited my wife and me on the occasion of our fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration and inquired about my health. He then told us about a new machine he called an "aerobic exerciser," which stimulated oxygenation of the blood, and was giving many back pain sufferers great relief. This friend sent us some interesting literature about this "Chi Machine®." We were given a demonstration and we were pleased with what we learned.

We purchased this interesting machine and after only two months of prescribed use I have been almost totally relieved of lower back pain. I am delighted with the health improvement I am enjoying, and would not dream of giving up my "Chi" exerciser. My wife and I both feel invigorated by its use and look forward to the many benefits promised for its continued use!

Yours very truly,
Thomas A. Burgess
P.S. The "Down-Side" of my back improvement, is that I now have to turn in my very convenient handicap-parking permit!

I wanted to write to the HTEUSA folks to tell you about an amazing experience I have had with the Sun Ancon Chi Machine®. I had a terrible snowmobile accident on February 3, 1995 in which I broke 18 bones punctured my lung as well as incurring several other injuries. Three of the bones I broke were the transverse process vertebrae in my lower back. You couldn't imagine the pain and it has taken me a long time to heal. My back has been very puffy and swollen and sore every day since and I still experience a great deal of pain each day depending on what kind of activities I'm involved in. I thought I was going to have this kind of pain for the rest of my life.

What is quite amazing to me is that I began using the Chi Machine® just two weeks ago and both the swelling and the pains are totally gone!

I'm an avid golfer. I try to get on the course as often as I can although I must take a cart. I'm still in a lot of pain after a game but I put up with it since I love the game. Several days ago I was feeling so well that I played 18 holes and carried my clubs! Absolutely fabulous as there was no pain.

In addition I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to get some real sleep. These past few weeks have been the first time since the accident that I have finally slept all the way through the night.

I am convinced that my return to health is the direct result of thc Sun Ancon Chi Machine®. Thank you for this wonderful device that has made such a difference in my life.

Martin Riendl

April 23,1998

I wish to thank you for introducing the Chi Machine® to myself, my wife and especially my son Jeffery. Four years ago Jeffery was in a severe car accident which caused him having a cerebral hemorrhage. The highway patrol told us he was traveling at 50mph when the hemorrhage started, his foot hit the gas pedal, racing him up to 80mph. He hit an irrigation drainage culvert, flipping the car 12 times, traveling over 100 feet. When the car stopped, somehow Jeffery undid his seatbelt, dragged himself from the car and collapsed. It left the left side of his brain completely damaged and the right side of his body paralyzed. He was in a coma for 6 weeks. For 2 1/2 years he was in a wheelchair, and fully supported by us to retrain him. It's been very timely and tedious work with him 24 hours a day. At this point the doctors said his balance would never be the same and he would never be able to walk backwards again. We have him at Easter Seal Rehab now, and he has been there for 1 1/2 years, we are seeing small improvements all the time. He is still going to UC Davis Medical group every 6 months for a checkup until they release him. After talking with you about the Chi Machine® and coming over and using it, the next day we brought Jeffery over. We put him on the machine for 2 minutes, making sure he was comfortable, then put him on for another 5 minutes. When the machine shut off, Jefery had a huge smile on his face and said "WOW!" I asked him how he felt and he wanted to do more. He was feeling tingling all over his body in places where he said he had no feeling. He pointed to the back of his head where he had had a lump, and it was gone-and to this day remains gone! When He got up he was happy, he said he felt great and he had a BIG SMILE! I asked my son if he wanted this machine-he said "YES!" We purchased it January 29,1998.Every time he uses it he has a big smile! We don't have to remind him to use the Chi Machine®. He looks forward to it every day. The machine has helped him to be more independent, and that has helped us. After using the Chi Machine® for only 3 weeks, he is not only walking forward better, but is able to walk backwards in a figure eight or circle, with no problem or help, which his doctors said would be impossible because of his balance, but it has also made it possible for him to move his leg and arm better. It created a better balance throughout his whole body and he uses the machine twice a day 10 minutes at a time. His doctors from UC Medical Group are investigating using the possibility of using the machine for treatment of their patients. It has also greatly improved his attitude, speech, and mental disability. I highly recommend this machine to anyone that has had any kind of head trauma or paralyzation, to get the circulation through the paralyzed section, because this is what it has done for my son. He also had a deep purple discoloration from his toes almost all the way to his knee, on his right leg, from lack of circulation, which has completely disappeared. My wife has lost alot of weight, it has completely toned her stomach, given her lots of energy, varicous veins are disappearing, and so are aches and pains. My asthma has been helped tremendously, I have not had to use my inhaler at all.

P.S. I would recommend the "Chi Machine®" to anyone.


Larry, Martha, and Jeffery Wolff

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Buy The Chi Machine Now

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