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The Sun Harmony® Aerobic Exerciser Chi Machine®

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75 trillion cells provide the body with energy to carry out every brain function, body movement and needs of all body systems and organ function. Each cell has only two needs to produce this energy, nutriment from food intake and oxygen.

Oxygen Starvation of cells can result in immune dysfunction, cardiac symptoms, sleep and respiratory disorders blood chemistry disturbance, intestinal problems, anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue, stiff neck, shortness of breath, dizziness, to name but a few health problems.

The Chi Machine® Will Aid in Healing and Prevention of Such Disorders by Maximizing Oxygenation of Body Cells the Body's Response to Exercise and to Massage
"When ever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until it passes off" G.K. Chesterton (Famous English writer) (In this statement, is considerable wisdom, because of the spinal benefit that ensues when resting prone). vigorous exercise, while offering health benefits, can place extreme strain on body energy production. Associated rapid breathing or gasping for breath, arises from excessive build up of carbon dioxide and demand for oxygen to replenish depleted energy to serve the vital needs of the body. Such exercise can also add to the compacting of inter vertebral discs. Unless pursuing some endurance goal, vigorous exercise is not a vital health recourse.

The Chi Machine® Provides The Answer to Being Healthy Without Energy Loss, Body Stress Or Effort
Because the exercise massage is done in the lying down, relaxed position, with all loads and stress reduced on the spine and other body areas during maximum oxygenation and subsequent energy production, the sense of well-being arising from the massage, is immediate and noticeable.

Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation during the massage and a pleasurable to exhilarating feeling following the massage.

Some may feel tired or sore in some area. This may suggest a healthy circulation is being restored. Soreness might also relate to an old injury or "Chi" energy flow blockage. It soreness occurs, reduce session time to 2-3 minutes and gradually return to 15 minutes massage if soreness ceases.

Dizziness might accompany initial massage sessions, reducing the session by half and raising the head with a small pillow should resolve the problem. Persistent dizziness could point to an inner ear or anemic problem, some, (women especially) may suffer dizziness and headache suggesting high blood pressure. Nausea may indicate low blood pressure. Seek medical advice regards such matters before continuing the massage sessions.

Lymph fluid in the body exceeds the quantity of blood and one of its functions is to cleanse the body's waste. Lymph fluid has no pump action to move it around the body but its cleansing of waste toxic matter will be aided by the Sun Ancon massage. Such cleansing may cause bad breath and also thirst, water cleanses and aides in lymph cleansing, so drink plenty of water to hasten the cleansing and remove any breath problem.

Spinal Influence on Health
Within the brain and extending through the core of the spinal column, is the central nervous system and branching out from it is the nerve network that reaches every part of the body and provides all body functioning not under conscious control, (breathing, digestion, heart rate etc.) This extended nerve network is termed the autonomic nervous system and it further divides into the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems which provide vital balance to the body's nerve functioning. Any impairment to the spinal alignment or abnormal spinal pressure on vertebrae joints can impair the autonomic nervous system resulting in minor and major body dysfunction, disorder and disease. The spinal column bone marrow is also a source of blood production and immune system globulin upon which middle aged adults are more dependent, following depletion of globulin production from the aged and shrinking thymus gland.

Utilization of Full Spinal Movement
The spines design permits sideways snake-like movement that serves to relieve vertebrae joint pressure and thereby promote greater well being. Modern man fails to exercise this design feature, part of the reason being that stress of mind creates body tension and rigidity. Spinal movement has been reduced to a forward and upright bending action and even in walking, the natural twisting - sideways movement of the spine from arm, leg and upper torso momentum, is restrained by body tensions. When we awaken or feel tired, we raise our arms, stretch and yawn, and in the process, flex the spinal column in a twisting snake-like movement. Instantly we feel a pleasurable sensation of energy movement and alertness of mind. The reason being that in yawning, the lungs fill with air and greater oxygenation of cells occurs, pressure on the inter vertebral discs momentarily releases and the autonomic nervous system is stimulated. (Do a yawning stretch now to verify the value of such oxygenation and spinal twist).

A glance at the animal kingdom and at sea creatures shows how they use snake-like movement in their walk run or swimming action providing benefits that keep them free of almost every human ailment. The Chi Machine® will deliver the best possible lateral snake-like movement to the spine with the body in the ideal therapeutic position when the massage concludes you may experience the therapeutic benefit of a sensation similar to that of yawning and stretching (an indication of the massager's - genuine value)

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Chi Machine and how it affects the Spine, Blood

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