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Riding the Cycles

By Dr. Jan Kirschner

One of the earliest understandings of financial cycles comes to us in the Bible, when Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream of the seven fat cows, and the seven thin cows that then eat the fat ones. He uses it to explain to pharaoh that after seven years of plenty, seven years of famine are going to be visited to be visited upon Egypt, and advises that during the years of plenty additional stores be put aside for the lean years. Doing this allows Pharaoh to take complete financial control over his nation, as others, with not as much foresight, are forced to come to him for enough food to eat in the years of famine.

We are entering a time that is likely to be a very lean one in the U.S. economy. How long it will last is anyone's guess, however, it seems likely that the upheavals we have seen thus far are likely to be only the beginning. In my practice, numerous professionals have lost their jobs in the past few months, reflective of nationwide job cutting. Houses which, in recent years, had been staying on the market for mere days, selling at incredible profits, are suddenly sitting, unlooked at, for months and months, even at drastically reduced prices.

As always, there are a number of ways to look at this turn of events. There are those who will look at it as an impediment towards doing business. "Oh, I can't possibly be successful in this type of economy. No one will buy things other than the most essential goods. let alone these 'expensive' machines". On the other hand, there will be those who will see it as the most powerful opportunity that has been presented to us in the last fifteen years. you see, when times are good, people tend to be more content puttering along in their jobs, letting others be in control of their financial futures. When times get a little tougher, when jobs are suddenly scarce, those with in initiative will see that the only ones who can control their futures are they themselves. These are the people who will be looking for the opportunity you have to present to them.

In recent months, Tracy and I have been reading the books in the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" series. The author, Robert Kiyosaki, makes a compelling case for taking control of your financial life, regardless of whether you are working or not keeps showing up in your mailbox on a monthly basis) that is at least equal to your expenses. this can be done through investments, or through creating businesses that produce this type of income. One of the most powerful, consistent suggestions he brings up throughout the series is the opportunity to create a passive stream of income through network marketing. He demonstrates the tax advantages to this type of business, as well as the reality that, other than selling and training others, the rest of the details of the business are left to others. You can partner with an already existing entity AND have your own business without having to invent the products and marketing tools.

I mention these books because the entire series is currently on numerous best-seller lists. This means that there are literally millions of people currently looking to establish financial freedom who are reading books that are specifically suggesting that they look into exactly what it is that you have to offer! When you combine the trends of people suddenly having to face the reality that the job they thought was going to take care of them for the rest of their lives being more and more tenuous, with the fact that, even with jobs, more and more people are realizing that their financial dreams are not being taken care of by working harder and harder for less and less return, you come up with an equation for rapid expansion for your own business through locating motivated people who are looking for an opportunity to have more control of their lives. Combine that with the remarkable products that we have to offer, which not only provide people wealth, but also abundant health (which,as I have mentioned in previous articles, is often times the first thing that disappears for people in times of financial stress), and you have an unparalleled opportunity for success in 2002.

Until next time, yours in health and wealth, Dr. Jan

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