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Shu-chen LIN CHANG

I have been in very poor health since my childhood, and I suffered from serious anemia during my school girl days. During the morning meetings at school, I often fainted and collapsed. In order to know more about health care and to improve my health, I entered a nursing school at Taiwan City in Taiwan following middle school.

Yet, in the 20 years following marriage, my health had deteriorated --- various kinds of diseases befell me one after another: piles, gastropotosis, diarrhea for unknown reasons, Hepatitis B, protrusion of the intervertebral disks (3-4 sections), weak bladder, hip and back ache, etc. The worst thing was that if I did not sleep well or became exhausted, I would suffer an unrelenting attack of hernaturia. I also suffered from melalgia, stomachache, and often felt my mouth parched and tongue scorched and bitter tasting. All these maladies tortured me and turned me into such a sorry female creature with a hunched back, protruding belly, gray and pale face, gloomy and dark complexion--having lost all the charming features of the fair lady I once was. I surely had never enjoyed the full pleasures of human life.

During the long years of my illness (before I became a normal, healthy person), I visited countless famous doctors, including physicians, surgeons, gynecologists, spinal treatment centers, etc. I also practiced yoga, and external chi gong... I tried what I could - regardless of cost - trying in vain to rid myself of the illnesses. I had lost all hope as all treatments turned out to be simple means for alleviating pain, and not for treating the cause.

Just at that crucial moment in my life, my younger sister sincerely suggested that I try using the HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder. I flatly refused, I reasoned that if it really was so effective against all diseases, why then would the national government be spending huge amount of money on training doctors and nurses, and on purchasing medical equipment? I argued with my sister so heatedly that I almost had a falling out with her and I advised her to stop harming others as well as herself by promoting this device.

My health was not on the mend and my sister, with her unflagging patience, continued to insist on my coming to her home to just have a try of the HOTHOUSE. So I finally gave in and accepted her kind invitation to use it but, only to give it a try. It was just that "try" that marked a great turning point for the better in my health and also a turning point in my new hope and my new life because the HOTHOUSE device had a profound effect on me and totally surprised me. I know I had been stubborn and firmly against the use of the HOTHOUSE and yet I had to admit its good efficacy since all my pains and discomforts had gone.

Perseverance leads to success. One must persist in using the HOTHOUSE in order to get satisfactory results. On the very day I realized that it was really effective, I ordered a HOTHOUSE and a Chi Machine from my sister, paying a total of US$ 1359.00(+tax).

From that day on I have been using them every day: once in the morning, once in the evening. Now I have real life, and I look as healthy and normal as everybody else. All the long-term illnesses seemingly have "gone with the wind." My face is glowing with a healthy charm and it looks much younger, I am working as a nurse at a geriatric home and in the eyes my colleagues, I look to be only 30 years old.

I owe all my thanks to my younger sister, Shu-Lin, who went to great effort to convince me to try the device and then helped me in using the HOTHOUSE. My sincere wish is that every reader of this brochure can enjoy the happiness of being healthy and beautiful. May you have eternal youth and good health. Let's work together to drive away all illnesses.

Ling-yuh YANG

I use Hsin Ten Co. products. The very first time I saw the HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder, I was convinced that is would be the best thing for my family's thermal therapy. I really appreciate what Hsin Ten Enterprise has done for mankind-for their insight and courage to develop the best health equipment for patients with chronic diseases like I have.
When I am in Taiwan, I often visited the sauna center, so the concept of the FIR Health Builder was not an entirely new idea to me. I often tell others that the first thing I do whenever I return to Taiwan is to put down my luggage and dash to the sauna center. When the HOTHOUSE FIR health builder arrived at my home, I really did not know where to start from my neck down or from feet up, since I hurt all over. Finally, I decided to start from my feet.
One day in October 1996, a sudden pain and numbness attacked me from my calf down, and the numbness became increasingly serious. Why such pain? I had not hurt myself or injured any part of my legs! Yet it tormented me so much and I could no longer beat the pain, stiffness, and numbness --- especially when I woke up at midnight and I could not bear to put my feet on the floor. "I must find the reason for this," I told myself.
It was too Painful when the needles for acupuncture were twisted into my legs, and foot massage would only alleviate the pain a little bit-there was no cure. And, I didn't have the time to go for treatment as often as I needed. I could only make it once a week. I am only 50--not so old- Poor me! What will 70 be like? I used to get heartsick every time I saw old woman in their wheelchairs. I vowed that I should never end up like that.
I have to tell you, what a comfort it is when you are enjoying FIR thermal treatments at home-You can even read while doing it! I really love the HOTHOUSE FIR health device. I used to have one hour of FIR irradiation for my feet every day. Now, there has been a steady improvement in my health. I do not need the shin-guards anymore. I feel cheerful and energetic. The discomfort and pain have disappeared. No more stiffness or numbness when I wake up at night. It has been less that three months! I am very grateful to Hsin Ten Enterprises and its products.
For a long time I suffered from a duodenal ulcer, and the only thing I could digest was thin noodles. Very often it would take as long as four hours before the food in my stomach was fully digested. That was a particularly trying period for me. To test the efficacy of the HOTHOUSE for my stomach and intestines, I was bold enough to stop taking medication. Instead, I use the device to irradiate directly into my stomach. In no more that five minutes my stomach began rumbling, then belching. For even better results, I also took some Total Enzymes by mouth and also mixed some enzymes in aloe juice and applied it to my face for skin care.
Now my stomach can accept more varieties of food. However, I maintain a rule of eating smaller meals and eating more meals each day. My hope is that the HOTHOUSE plus three small bags of Total Enzyme will help me gain full recovery of my gastrointestinal functions and cure the persistent ulcer. I know they have greatly improved my digestion, especially after taking enzymes which greatly comforted my stomach.
In 1994, my menopause began and it was accompanied by a decline in hormones. I could hardly recognize myself nor control my health. I suffered from mastitis. I have to say I was a little better after taking 200 doses of traditional Chinese medicine, yet the pain remained. I had to resort to the HOTHOUSE FIR device, and I thought it had to help in killing the infection. After less than three months, the pain was greatly reduced and I seldom caught cold or if I did, the cold would go away without taking medicine. Now my skin looks very smooth and beautiful.
To get the maximum benefit from the HOTHOUSE, I have decided to purchase another one, so that I can use two at the same time--one for my neck and one for my feet. I have a firm belief in them. Thank Jesus that I could come to know about Hsin Ten products. Thanks be to HsinTen and its people for their great contribution to our good health.

More Testimonies
DOB: 2/19/1959

I bought a SUN HARMONY Chi Machine back in 1992 --on the recommendation of a friend of mine. I couldn't believe that it was so magically effective: all my former pains and discomforts have gone! The Chi Machine has driven away my insomnia, tender hands and pains that had troubled me for many years! Soon after your company put the new HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder on the market in March, 1996. 1 purchased that health care device with confidence. For greater effect, I use it along with the Chi Machine. They have definitely greatly benefited my health.

One day. my younger sister came to me with a tortured, forlorn look on her face. She told me she was suffering from metritis and seemed always to be in poor health. She hated going to see a gynecologist. I suggested that she try the HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder. Despite considerable doubts she began to use it twice a day, morning and evening, 30 minutes each time. She had never dreamed that after only two days, all her pains would be gone --- without any medicine! She was overjoyed and sang praises to everybody that the HOTHOUSE FIR Healt Builder had brought her good health

One night in June, 1997, a sudden attack of ovaritis almost killed me. Again, it wag the HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder that did the trick --- magically, After I used the device twice (30 minutes each time), I really came to realize why my sister has been so happy to praise the HOTHOUSE again and again, Now that the HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder is on the market there is no doubt that it could be a salvation to all women whenever they have their ailments. Certainly, greater effect will be enjoyed if it is combined with the other health care device -- the SUN HARMONY Chi Machine.

DOB- 7/7/1979

My name is Chun-yi Chong. First of all, I must extend my gratitude to My parents, President and Mrs. Ching-yuan Chong, who led me to learn of the Hsin Ten Co. products. I must say the HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder is the best thing I have ever used because it has cured the intractable pain in my feet. I like sports very much, especially basketball. One day I sprained both of my feet. I visited quite a few orthopedists yet the pain persisted. I was so lucky that the new HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder became available on the market, Encouraged by my parents, I began to use the device twice a day for thermal treatments. In as little as a month the pain had gone! Now, I am able to return to sports activities. especially basketball.

In fact, many of my schoolmates also love sports and they, too, have sustained injuries. They had talked to their parents and heard their positive comments about the unique properties of the HOTHOUSE device. I invited some of my friends to my home and introduced the new product to them. They, too, found it very satisfactory. I am happy to say I have my retail business had done wonderfully, I myself have sold ten of HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builders.

We know Far Infrared rays can go deep into all the inner organs of the human body and encourage smooth blood circulation and better metabolism. So, if you have any of these kinds of problems, just follow my advice and try this Health Builder --- our HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder will surely improve your existing good health Or restore you to your former state of health.

DOB: 08/13/1961

I came to know and use Hsin Ten Co products as a result of my illness. My attitude toward the using of the Health Builder changed from skepticism to acceptance, and from just acceptance to grateful. I also feel thankful to the chiropractor, Mr. Chen-yi Kwan and Mr Ping-lin Yang, because without their help and treatment, and without the effective use of the Health Builder, I do not know what I might look like and what I might have become. At first, I thought the pain was caused by stiff neck, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, Yet it turned out to be very serious upon examination at the China Medical Institute, The doctor told me the illness might cause paralysis if I refused an operation. Aside from surgical treatment, there was no other effective recourse.

I remember my left chest and left hand began to suffer from muscular atrophy during that terrible period. Also, the upper part of my body was stiffening just like a piece of wood, and I was walking like a robot, The nerves of my cervical vertebra and thoracic vertebra were constricted, and I had difficulty speaking or even turning or moving my head in any direction, I could only sit upright at night because the acute pain would kill me were I to lie down in bed. All of my bones were as painful as if they were being eaten by worms. I was desperately hopeless, and I thought I would rather die young than live to bear all the agony of these serious illnesses.

Facing such a desperate situation, I did not know what to do. One day, a friend of mine brought me to Mr. Kwan's home for spinal treatment. I was really skeptical, plus rather afraid --- at first I did not feel I should dare try it. After Mr. Kwan's convincing analysis of my diseases, I accepted his treatment, On the first day, after 2 hours of using FIR Health Builder, the doctor was going to work on my vertebrae. My spine, however, was as stiff as a washboard, the doctor said. So there was an additional 2 hours of irradiation, Then my cervical vertebra began to become soft enough for treatment, but my thoracic vertebra would not respond. The next day, I received 4 hours of irradiation. I could feel the improvement after that treatment, yet the pain was still there. It was on the 4th day that I could feel a gradual greater progress in the treatment. So I bought two of the Health Builders home, one HOTHOUSE, one Chi Machine.

From that time on, I have been using the two Health Builders every day and very earnestly. To further enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, I also took the Total Enzymes, and Chi Formula, Whenever I had time. I never failed to use the Hsin Ten products. I spent an average of 6 hours daily on the treatment Twenty days later, I felt much better. Yet, I could not bear the sharp pain in my back and hands when I was being irradiated by HOTHOUSE, or when I was treated and shaken by the Chi Machine. Often it was so painful that I could not stand up after A treatment. My husband was trying to help me, but the pain was too sharp to allow him to do so. (If anyone so much as touched my skin. I would give a loud cry because of the acute pain,) Seeing the unbearable sufferings, my husband and I made the decision to go to the Cheang Keng Hospital for an operation, Just one day before the operation, Mr. Kwan called and asked me to visit yet another doctor, Mr, Yang, from Taipei. It was he who suggested I should just continue using the Health Builders because there had been improvement, and there was no need for me to have the operation. I followed his advice after careful consideration. Another person gave me a lot help. Mrs. Yu-yeb Hsu Liu, Also front Taipei, told me her story to encourage me to continue the use of the HOTHOUSE. I became more confident in the products. I began to believe that full recovery might be possible. After one and a half months, about 70% of my maladies had disappeared. Yet what followed was very slow progress, which gave me a great setback, My heart became heavy again. With the clouds of doubt in my head, I nonetheless went on using the HOTHOUSE for another half a year, Now, I am glad to say that I am almost fully recovered, I know I must not become complacent, for if I were to stop using them out of laziness, the stiffening and painful muscles would stage a comeback.

I am becoming stronger and healthier with each passing day. My abnormal weight of 42 kg, has reached its normal 47 kg. again. My friends say I look more and more beautiful. I know a lot of my gratitude should go to all those who have helped me, especially to Hsin Ten Co. for such great products I will let everyone know of their products and advise those who are suffering from various diseases to use the HOTHOUSE. I feel very pleased to be a member of the great Hsin Ten Co., because the Hsin Ten people are so nice and so loving.

DOB 05/29/1954

I have been suffering from arthritis for about 10 years. If I took a long walk or did other such things, all of the joints in my entire body would ache. The illness had troubled me a lot both physically and spiritually. Because of the illness, I had to give up the job I most loved, I lost my close friends and even my family life was badly damaged, I was very disheartened and short-tempered. My doctors suggested that I should keep on doing exercises or my joints would become even more stiffened.

It was a great pity that I do not have the habit of doing sports activities. Although I did try to follow the advice of doctors and teamed various kinds of exercises, I gave up because I did not have any interest in them. After a long period, the upper part of my body --- including the vertebrae, shoulders, and cervical vertebrae --- became fairly stiffened. Even a small movement of my head was painful and difficult. If I was to get too tired after a day's work, I could not get up from my bed or even make a turn of my body at night. let alone be able to pull the quilt up for my child sleeping beside me. During that long period of my illness, I merely relied on lots and lots of pain-killers, I spent a lot more time on the so-called recuperation and rehabilitation programs at the hospital, and spent a huge amount of money on my daily massage at home. With each passing day, I did not know when and where was to be the end of that kind of gloomy life for me.

I never expected there could be a great change in my health and in my life, and that a bright future was before me. That day finally came when following the kind advice of my sponsor Ms. Shu-ying LIN, I began to use HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder and Chi Machine. After I used them for only 2 or 3 days, I felt the stiffness of my body going away. Half a year later, I found them highly effective, I could say good-bye to those days of unspeakable waste --- money, time and energy spent on medicine, massage and the like. Now I can do these healthy exercises for recuperation purposes at home. I now have a good appetite, I can steep well at night. I have gained some 10 kg. and I can ride my bike to take my lovely daughter to school or to bring her home again, I passed the examination to get a driver's license. I should say I can now make up for what I lost during those past miserable days my happy family life, my health, and more. I can once again enjoy the good things in my life.

It was the HOTHOUSE that helped to save the life of my dear daughter. It was one summer afternoon when my little daughter fell seriously ill, She had a sharp pain in her throat along with a stiffening of her neck. Her pupils no longer focused. Her face began to convulse and it was difficult for her to speak clearly. All those terrible things happened in less than a few minutes. I had to use HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder for 15 minutes and Chi Machine for 15 minutes, respectively, to save her life even before sending her to the hospital. Later, the doctor said it was caused by the lack of oxygen in the blood circulation in her neck. It seems I gave her timely first-aid by using the two builders. Otherwise, it could be extremely dangerous or there could be serious repercussions. After we returned home, I gave her another 15 minutes of treatment an the Chi Machine. It was on the 3rd day that she returned to normal health.

I used to use the HOTHOUSE and the Chi Machine simultaneously 4 times a day initially and I always felt great afterwards My nerves, shoulders, as well as my back felt a lot better, and body and limb flexibility improved. This further strengthened my confidence in the machines I even continued using them while I was taking traction treatment at the hospital, None of my remaining symptoms worsened so I was pleased and was satisfied with the results.

In addition to the two Health Builders, I have also used some other Hsin Ten products like Total Enzyme, and Chi Formula -- to build my resistance to diseases, particularly to colds. In the past I would often feel pain in my joints if I caught a cold or coughed a lot, Now I take both Total Enzyme and Chi Formula as soon as I feel even the slightest discomfort in my throat. Both Total Enzyme and Chi Formula are wonderful in the preventing colds, and flu. Not long ago many people came down with flu but I didn't. I am really grateful for the Hsin Ten Enterprise products because they are terrific!

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