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If you love Wakaya Perfection's products, culture and mission of great health, then we invite you to consider becoming an Independent Business Ambassador and begin enjoying:

  • Products at Wholesale prices
  • Monthly commission and bonus income
  • Annual cruises and dream vacations
  • Online training tools and business support
  • Much more!

The Paradise Pack is the quickest and easiest way for you and your family to begin to experience the benefits of Wayaka's Product Perfection. This pack contains a selection of our most popular products and provides customers and mabassadors (distributors) an incredible value with almost $200 in retail savings!

Also when you purchase a Paradise Product Pack you become Paradise Qualified and can participate in a 2x4 Matrix building and bonuses. Paradise packs also generate $100 in Fast start commissions to the enroller of the customer or amabassador who purchases it.

The paradise pack contains about $670 of products, saving you almost $200 if bought individually!

In addition to customer sales, ambassadors can earn additional compensation through Wakaya's 2x4 Perpetual Matrix and Residual Income Tree. the Matrix focuses on team building and quick income while the Income Tree compensation focuses on long-term sustained wealth.

You can begin taking advantage of both systems by signing up your 1st 2 Paradise Qualified Ambassadors. As you assist them in completing their own Matricies, your Income Tree will begin to grow. Continue to build and teach 2x4 (2 conversations a day, 4 presentations a week) and enroll additional customers and ambassadors to earn even more on matrix matching bonuses.

The speed at which you complete your matrix and grow your income tree is primarily determined by how many customers and ambassadors you and your team enroll each month. Choosing to personally "enroll by 4's" each motnh, and teaching your team to do the same, will have a significant impact on your business and your income.

A 2x4 matrix consists of up to 30 Paradise Qualified Ambassadors and pays up to $900 as you fill it out. Once one is complete, then another matrix will begin automatically!

All BV (orders, autoships, etc) pays through your residual income tree. Personally enrolling each month wil help you achieve new ranks like coral, sapphire, etc and give you access to more compensation.

When you complete level 2 of your matrix, you earn $100 bonus (6 team members)
When you complete level 4 of your matrix, you earn $500 bonus (30 team members)
When each of your L1 enrollees complete their level 2, you earn a matching $50 bonus
When each of your L1 enrollees complete their level 4, you earn a matching $250 bonus


  • 2 x 4 Matrix Bonus
  • 50% Matching Matrix Bonus
  • Retail Customer Commissions
  • Preferred Customer Commissions
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Coded Bonus
  • Perpetual Unilevel Commissions
  • Leadership Infinity Commissions
  • Generational Commissions
  • Paradise Pack Override Bonus
  • Overall Shared Bonus Pool
  • Car Bonus
  • 3 and FREE program
  • Luxury Vacations and Travel

      Wakaya Perfection has created the most innovative and comprehensive compensation plan in the industry today - we call it Perpetual Compensation. To maximize ongoing income, this system compensates ambassadors up to 14 different ways - but simply put, it focuses on 3 income categories: Substantial Up Front Income, Perpetual Ongoing Income, and Luxury and Lifestyle Perks and Bonuses.

      All commissions and bonuses are based solely upon product sales. We provide our Ambassadors with sales goals and advancement criteria, but there are never any personal purchase requirements at Wakaya Perfection.

      You'll start your 1st matrix, and your team, by enrolling 2 Paradise Pack Qualified Ambassadors. This will complete level 1 of your matrix.

      As you and your team continue to enroll Paradise Pack Qualified Ambassadors, your matrix will automatically fill from let to right, top to bottom until complete.

      When level 2 of your matrix is complete, a $100 matrix bonus is generated. When level 4 is complete, a $500 matrix bonus is generated. Paradise Pack Qualified Ambassadors will also receive a 50% matching bonus for each of your personally enrolled ambassadors, as their respective matrices are completed.

      Every matrix you complete generates you $600 in bonuses, with no limits to the number that you can complete. Every personally enrolled ambassador that completes a matrix generates you $400 in matching bonuses. There are no limits to the number of Paradise Pack Qualified Ambassadors you can enroll and no limit to the number of matrices they can complete!

      Enjoy 10-20% commissions on every purchase made by customers you introduce to Wakaya Perfection. This includes purchases made through our monthly autoship program.

      What could be better than getting $100? How about getting multiple $100 checks every time someone purchases a qualifying Paradise Product Pack?

      Not only does Wakaya Perfection pay you for your customer's sales volume, we also pay you for the sales volume of every other ambassador that you enroll, and everyone that they enroll, to an infinite number of levels! With our Rank Enhanced Leadership and Infinity Bonus systems, the sky is far from the limit!

      Wakaya Perfection's innovative Coded Bonus ensures that no matter how large your organization becomes, or for how many years it continues to grow, you will always be rewarded for new Paradise Product Pack sales anywhere in your overall organization. As your lifetime rank improves, your coded bonus level will increase, guaranteeing you even more income as you enroll new ambassadors with Paradise Product Packs.

      Company Wide Revenue Pool
      How would you like to participate in the success of every Wakaya Perfection Ambassador and share in the volume of every Wakaya Perfection customer? Our company wide bonus pool leverages the profits from every customer and every product sale and makes them available to you.

      We take relaxation seriously. Whether it's cruising the Caribbean, basking on a beach, or kayaking in Wakaya, our Dream Vacations will provide adventure and luxury you'll never forget!

      Why not bring a little paradise into that car that you drive? Ambassadors can receive from $300-1000/mo in the form of a car bonus

      World Class Appreciation
      We enjoy celebrating the victories, both large and small, of our Ambassadors, That is why we provide WORLD CLASS appreciation in the form of recognition rings, distinctive rank blazers, and dream vacations.

      Prices listed are for customers and preferred customers, you can get them even cheaper if you choose to be a distributor or referral partner.

      Jacalyn Lantrip
      ~Licensed Massage Therapist~
      ~Certified Reflexologist~
      ~Nutrition Consultant~

      P.O. Box 251
      Columbia, TN 38402-0251

      Laurie Delk
      EMAIL - Admin -@- LaurieDelk.net (w/out space or -)
      ~Web Designer~
      ~Graphics Designer~
      ~Internet Marketing Consultant~
      ~Business Coach~

      P.O. Box 251
      Columbia, TN 38402-0251

      Phone: (931) 380-8811
      Cell: (931) 626-0280

      Live chat by AliveChat

      To Contact Us - We changed our email after 15 years! The NEW Email is admin -@- LaurieDelk.net
      without the spaces or the - .....sorry but trying to stay out of the spam filters ;)

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